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UnCategorized If you are looking at affiliate programs and products to sell online you don’t need a website as these should .e .plete with their own web page. However, if you are looking at several online home business opportunities, having your own website will personalise your business and allows you to build up the trust of your visitors. Easy to use software and online help has made it easy to build websites, but if this is new to you, considered the following points before you start. 1. Decide what you are going to do with your website. Will it be one page or several, is it going to be the main area for information about your online home business opportunities, or will it be general summary type information that links to other web sites. 2. What will be your website’s theme. This should reflect the purpose of your site. What information are you offering, are you promoting online home business opportunities or products. You should ideally have the same theme or design throughout the site. Your design needs to be eye catching, attractive and informative. 3. Once you have some ideas for the design of your site, you need to find the tools to design it. There are several web page editors and design packages around, some are free and they are easy to use, but you will also need to learn some basic html to create your web pages. Just learning basic html will help you format your pages and links to other pages or sites. You will find several good free html courses if you search the web. 4. Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Type your content into Word initially and run a full spelling check. Spelling errors on a website can lose credibility and put people off the site. 5. The formatting of your page is very important too if you want visitors to spend time reading it. Think carefully about how to format your page to sell your opportunity or products. Good formatting will make your pages look more attractive and professional. 6. Good content is also very important, it will keep visitors interested in your site and gain their confidence in what you have to offer. You should aim to sell yourself and your online home business opportunities or products in a friendly, informative and professional manner. 7.You are likely to have links included on your site. These links could be to other sites or just to other areas of your own website. Make sure these links work before you market your site and check them regularly. 8. To achieve a good position on the search engine pages you need to decide on your keywords and build them into your web pages. Read up on SEO (search engine optimisation) 9. You need to search for .panies who sell domain names and purchase one for your site. If you can find a domain name which reflects the purpose of your website it will help you promote it. 10. Finally you need to think about where your website will be hosted. There are many hosting .panies around who will host your website files on their server. You may find this service is offered by the .pany you purchase your domain name from but have a good look around and find a .pany who will do this for a nominal fee. Finishing a website and seeing it on the web is a great feeling of achievement, once you reach this stage you can start to .anise your time to promote your products or online home business opportunities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: