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100 billion dollars! Softbank will build the world’s largest science and technology investment fund Softbank Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news with Saudi Arabia, according to foreign media reports, Saudi Arabia plans and Softbank group set up a global technology investment fund, the fund size may eventually will reach $100 billion. The plan is one of a series of commercial initiatives launched by the Saudi government this year. Because of the impact of low oil prices in the domestic economy, Saudi Arabia has spent a huge amount of financial reserves to develop the non oil industry. The Saudi Deputy crown prince Mohamed · the · Salman (Mohammed bin Salman) said on state television, Softbank will in the next 5 years to the fund investment of approximately $25 billion. Salman is responsible for Saudi economic reform. The new fund called Softbank Fund (SoftBank Vision Fund) vision. According to the memorandum of understanding signed by Saudi Arabia and Softbank, the largest sovereign wealth fund public investment fund (Public Investment Fund) may also be up to $45 billion to the fund investment. Saudi news agency SPA said that several other large investors are also on the fund to join the negotiations, the total size of the new fund may be expanded to $100 billion. SPA did not disclose the name of the investor. This will enable the new fund to become the focus of the world’s largest fund in the field of science and technology, its investment in the field of science and technology to provide unprecedented strength. "With the establishment of the fund’s Softbank vision, we will be able to strengthen the global science and technology investment company. The next 10 years, the fund will become the largest investor in the technology industry, "SPA quoted Softbank chairman Sun Zhengyi (Masayoshi Son) said. Softbank vision fund will be the soft money management company in the uk. (compile Xiao rain) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: