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The 36 year old mother of liver cancer, with 7 children to see the doctor – Sohu health and in some cases, a phenomenon makes me slightly irritable when some patients to see a doctor to take their kids, and these kids will have a strong interest in computer, stethoscope, blood pressure and other work equipment, and will be free play with them. Even my parents will be turned off because of the noise and so on. But, once I not only did not have the heart to hate, but turned around behind the heart pity, almost even tears. Remember that afternoon when she was about to leave, she took her children to the consulting room. At that time, the 36 year old mother looked pale and weak: doctor, I have a stomachache for about two days. Can I have it? I asked the patient to find out that the patient is not only a common acute gastritis, but may be an acute intestinal obstruction. Because the patient has typical abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, stop defecation exhaust symptoms. The so-called acute intestinal obstruction, refers to the intestinal and intestinal tract due to various causes of intestinal obstruction. This is a common clinical acute abdomen, if patients do not receive timely treatment, and even endanger the lives of patients. The 36 year old mother unbearable pain, but she was about seven or eight years old children are in the side with blood pressure meter. I’m sorry to say to the child: bacteria are above, do not play with it, be careful sick! In the body of the patient, I found that the patient’s abdomen has a long surgical scar: before doing any surgery, gallbladder? But the patient told me quietly: last year because of liver cancer surgery, and later chemotherapy. At that time I was shocked, not for such a young liver cancer patients shocked, but for a young liver cancer mother surprised! Or to do a belly CT, in case of tumor metastasis? Primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common malignant tumors in China. It is considered that it is related to the chemical carcinogens and environmental factors such as liver cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and aflatoxin. Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After listening to her words, I think it will not be because of liver cancer in the abdominal cavity has been transferred? Soon I saw the results of the examination, a clear diagnosis of acute intestinal obstruction. Patient said: my abdominal pain badly, or hang up water. In this case, I carefully told her: hanging water is necessary, but also to hospital. The first reason to check bowel obstructive; second fasting, will lose a lot of medicine; third abdominal pain may last for a period of time. After listening to my words, the child was surprised to say: "Mom, then you will not die of pain?" . after hearing these words, I looked at the children of his naivete, naughty bad impression completely disappeared, the heart can not bear to say: my child, you may not know, your mother might one day there will be a painful death! Because I have seen too many patients with cancer, especially in patients with liver cancer and stomach cancer in the end will be unbearable pain! Finally, I looked at the patient hand pulled the child out of the consulting room to go back to the hospital for treatment, but could not help but wet eyes. Even for many years to do the emergency doctor, had seen too much of life.相关的主题文章: