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Home-Appliances The reduction in temperature in the last few weeks reminds me that my household energy bill will increase drastically. All through the summer, the heating has been off, now it .e on multiple time each day. This is the same for millions of families, especially with older, younger or disabled family members. The time has .e for every household to think about saving money on their energy bills. There are several ways to save or reduce your residential electricity and heating costs; 1. Switch off Appliances: Most households leave the electrical appliances on standby when not in use. Switching off appliances (Kitchen appliances, .puters, TV, Lights) is a simple way to reduce energy wastage and can save electricity bills by up to 8%. 2. Regulate the Home Heating: In some homes the heating is permanently on during the winter, even when the temperature is relatively mild. Home owners can’t be bothered to switch the heating on and off as required, so they leave it on unnecessarily. This has huge impact on the household heating bill. By installing an intelligent thermostat to regulator and manage your home heating, households can save up to 25% of their heating bill. 3. Change Tariff: Very importantly, find the right tariff for your household energy needs. There are service (smaller) providers that offer cheaper tariffs. Switch to a cheaper tariff that can save you money. In recent weeks I have heard of energy providers reducing customers’ direct debits in order to stop an impending switch without switching the customers to cheaper tariffs. Be aware that simply reducing direct debts without a change in energy consumption or switching the customer to a cheaper tariff is simply postponing the payment. Save and Earn 4. Insulate your Home: Recently built homes have proper insulation to keep the homes warm and have save a lot of money on heating bills. For older homes, the home owners need to invest in insulation to reduce the amount of heat that escapes the home in the future. Insulation reduces the amount of heat that can escape and therefore reduce the household energy bills. 5. Install Solar Panels: Installing solar panels in a home will reduce household electricity bills in two way. Firstly, it will generate (by day time) some or all of your household electricity need thereby cutting your regular bill. Secondly, any extra energy that the household do not consume can be fed back to the National Grid. For which the government will pay the house owner for generating energy for others to use. Incidentally household energy is an essential service we can’t do without. You can save money on your essential services bills and as well help others to save by switching and get paid by the energy provider. Learn How 相关的主题文章: