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How to eat after the festival, and your weight and color value?! The Sohu has passed the new year, and you don’t know if you have the habit of getting into the office. Colorful Yunnan Meng Xiaobian most concerned about is "every festival three pounds fat" this curse, you have broken?! Each home mom always multi clip a piece of meat in your bowl, every home for the holidays there will always be a friend and small meal eat Hesse hu! Return to the working state of you, the most important thing is health, and in this look at the value of the era, must be good value! Today, colorful Yunnan Meng Xiaobian to introduce several healthy diet, go to the festival greasy! Red of all kinds of vegetables can make people excited and raise their attention. Phenolic acids and flavonoids in red and purple vegetables are experts in the eradication of free radicals, which can effectively prevent cell damage and aging, and have the effect of refreshing and delaying senility. Orange is the most appetitive color, rich in beta carotene in orange vegetables is anti-cancer, skin care, eye improvement master, for the prevention of cardiovascular disease also has positive significance. Yellow vegetables in addition to carotene, but also a higher content of lutein, can protect the body from radiation hazards, anti-aging. White vegetables, vitamin C content is rich, can promote the body’s metabolism level, enhance immunity, relieve pressure. Isothiocyanates from cruciferous vegetables can protect DNA from injury and promote its repair, which is a good anti-cancer substance. Green makes people calm and happy. Green vegetables, nutrition is very comprehensive, not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants, detoxification, beauty, reduce blood sugar, reduce blood lipids, blood pressure control, prevention of cancer and other effects. There are too many fungi before the fungus colorful Yunnan sprout, and only one is recommended today! Termitomyces albuminosus: Jizong is mainly produced in Yunnan high altitude temperate or boreal spruce, the body fat, tender meat, spotless, sweet and delicious, it has a beneficial stomach effect, but also can control the spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, memory loss and other symptoms. About the delicious and t.albuminosus poet Zhao Yi wrote a poem praising it: no wonder to glutton chicken is how strange it is, this is no bone, skin, blood is meat, fresh from brocade pheasant paste, made in Gouldian finch abdomen, only baby skin tender than women, cold milk especially popular! Tofu tofu has more than ten kinds of nutrients, the most important is the protein, each gram of tofu, protein content accounted for more than 10 percent. In addition, it contains dozens of nutrients, such as amino acids, minerals, phosphorus, calcium, and so on, all of which are very beneficial to people’s health. Tofu is not only rich in nutrients, but also recently discovered that tofu can also prevent many diseases. More surprises are in WeChat subscription number: colorful Yunnan emerald Beijing flagship, micro signal bjqcynfc | secret if you are Master in online shopping, Tmall search, Jingdong, colorful Yunnan emerald, we can find the official flagship store!

节后怎么吃,还你体重和颜值!-搜狐   大年已过,进入上班状态的你也不知道有没有习惯。七彩云南萌小编最关心的还是“每逢佳节胖三斤”这个魔咒你有没有破!         每次回家妈妈总会在你的碗里多夹一块肉,每次回家过节总少不了和发小朋友的一顿胡吃海塞!回归到工作状态的你,最重要的是健康,还有在这个看颜值的时代一定要好的颜值!      今天七彩云南萌小编就来介绍几道健康饮食,去去过节的油腻!   各种蔬菜      红色能使人兴奋,提高注意力。红色、紫色蔬菜中酚基酸和类黄酮,是消灭自由基的能手,能有效防止细胞的损伤和衰老,有提神醒脑、延缓衰老的功效。      橙色是最促进食欲的颜色,橙色蔬菜中丰富的β- 胡萝卜素是抗癌、护肤、明目的高手,对于心血管疾病的预防也有积极意义。黄色蔬菜中除了胡萝卜素,还有较高含量的叶黄素,能保护人体免受辐射危害,延缓衰老。      白色蔬菜, 维生素C 含量丰富,能促进身体的代谢水平,增强免疫力,缓解压力。十字花科蔬菜含有的异硫氰酸盐能使DNA 免受损伤,促进其修复,是很好的抗癌物质。      绿色使人镇定平和,心情愉快。绿色蔬菜,营养十分全面,不仅含有丰富的维生素和矿物质,更是膳食纤维和抗氧化物质的良好来源,有排毒养颜、降低血糖、降低血脂、控制血压、预防肿瘤等功效。      菌类   七彩云南萌小编之前介绍过太多的菌类,今天只推荐一种!      鸡枞菌:鸡枞主要产于云南高海拔的温带或寒带,其枞体丰肥、肉质细嫩、洁白无瑕、鲜甜可口,鸡枞具有益胃清神的功效,还能防治脾胃虚弱、消化不良、记忆力减退等症。关于鸡枞菌之鲜美还有诗人赵翼写诗赞美它:老饕惊叹得未有,异哉此鸡是何足,无骨乃有皮,无血乃有肉,鲜于锦雉膏,腴于锦雀腹,只有婴儿肤比嫩,转觉妇子乳尤俗!      豆腐      豆腐的营养成分有十几种,其中最主要的就是蛋白质,每克豆腐里面,蛋白质含量占了%多。此外,它还含有十几种营养成分,比如说氨基酸、矿物质磷、钙等等,这些都对人的健康非常有益。豆腐不但营养丰富,而且最近专家还发现,吃豆腐还能预防许多疾病。         更多惊喜都在微信订阅号:七彩云南翡翠北京旗舰,微信号bjqcynfc   秘密|如果您是网购达人,在天猫、京东,搜索七彩云南翡翠,就可找到我们官方旗舰店哦!相关的主题文章: