The 300 heroes anniversary of the original props composite spar Raiders helmet怎么读

"The 300 heroes" anniversary of the original props composite spar Raiders [Abstract] into the house without regrets, cartoon life push! "300 heroes" take you to enjoy the entertainment Carnival feast! The world’s first anime online games category "300 heroes" November 15th carnival celebration of the 4 anniversary! Colorful activities of Madden trench ceremony everything, with feelings of "300 heroes" birthday party! "The 300 heroes" anniversary props synthetic materials is the main theme of the original spar party, regardless of is the anniversary of the skin, or the exclusive anniversary of title, all need their support. The precious original spar how to get together, look at the bar! Really 300 Heroes 4 anniversary PARTY time: November 11th -11 month 30 days activities: A. activities during the day to complete the 1 arena on the battlefield can obtain the original spar *10; (1 times a day) B. activity during each arena can get 4 anniversary of victory in the chest (refined) *1; C. activities during the day a total of 3 Games victory can be obtained 4 anniversary box (excellent) *1; (1 times a day) the role of D, level 10, landing the game to get senior meritorious package *1 (limited to 1 times a day); a E. condition of D users, a total of 10 victories can obtain 4 anniversary of treasure (Shi Shi); (a limit F. D) reached a total of 30 users can get victory 4 anniversary box (legend). (1) G. open synthesis time was 2016.11.07-2016.12.04. The 4 anniversary of the chest are likely to open the original spar, so we must participate in the game player’s birthday party! Into the house without regrets, cartoon life push! Take you to enjoy the cartoon entertainment Carnival feast! The "300 heroes" heroes in a variety of two dimensional world of ultra popular anime character based, game player can break through to the infinite dimensional boundaries, two dimensional space, enjoy the most exquisite stimulation, fun Animation Entertainment Carnival feast! "300 heroes" official website: "300 heroes" download address: 300 300_v201610212.zip相关的主题文章: