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Sichuan mobile phone is not the "real name" really want to be shut down, communication channel — original title: "real name" mobile phone does not really want to be stopped drawing our Jing Wan three operators began to "phone number real name history of the most stringent system, to carry out real stop work. Up to now, the national real name of all telephone users has exceeded 90%, but there is still a risk of downtime of one hundred million users. In May this year, the Ministry issued 25 orders, the basic telecommunications companies to ensure that before December 31, 2016, the enterprises of all the phone user name rate reached more than 95%, in June 30, 2017 before all the phone users to complete the real name registration. Different from the previous policy, the ministry gave the operators a "sword", clear the board refuses to non real name users, over the period of forced shutdown. Currently, the three operators in Sichuan province through a variety of initiatives to urge users to improve the real name registration system as soon as possible. The earliest deadline of October 1st is not real name will be suspended service reporters from Sichuan three operators was informed that from July 1st this year, the operators with SMS, telephone, announcements, notice did not complete the real name authentication of the user. At the same time, the three operators also gives the real name system deadline. Sichuan mobile and China Unicom to the real name of the user’s deadline is in October 1st of this year, there is no real name mobile phone, will be suspended communications services, can only call 110, 120, 119 and other emergency calls. Sichuan Telecom to not the real name of the user’s deadline is November 1st this year. Overdue real name, Telecom will implement one-way stop calls, traffic, SMS, etc., but users can still call 110, 120, 119 and other emergency calls. In the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of users, operators are again urged for exhortation expires retroactive registration of users, will be a two-way stop. If you don’t know your mobile phone is the real name, you can directly dial the customer service phone operators to query, or edit the SMS "real name" two words (to 10086 mobile users (10010) and 10001 (China Unicom users), telecom users) can receive a confirmation message. The new network users must: identification can handle for the new network users, the three operators have strengthened the management, said it would take more strict registration system. Whether individual users or business users, for a variety of communication services through various channels, are required to provide the original valid documents himself, the enterprise need units and managers, and the responsible person, use the person personal valid documents for inspection and registration submitted at the same time. For the identity of the identity of the identity is not clear or refused, the operator will not apply. Operators stakeholders to remind the public, not the real name of the user as soon as possible to apply for the real name system to make up, so as not to be suspended mobile phone service, affecting work and life. Now go through the formalities are also very simple, the public can hold valid documents and the original number of the card to the entity’s business hall to handle, but also through the major operators WeChat public number, mobile phone camp相关的主题文章: