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Shocked, a major announcement! About you and I pension – Sohu Finance on the morning of October 25th, the Ministry of human resources and social security held a press conference, spokesman Li Zhong revealed the new progress of the pension market. Li Zhong said it would start pension fund investment operations, the organization of the first batch of provinces and the social security fund to sign the contract, the announcement of the first batch of pension fund management institutions. Heavy pound! Pension market really coming! Li Zhong said that the Ministry of human resources and social implementation of the basic pension fund investment management approach, has worked with the relevant departments to set up a working group to develop the relevant programs. At present, some provinces have developed specific programs to form a commissioned investment plan. The next step will be organized in the first batch of provinces and the Social Security Fund Council signed a contract. At the same time will also be led by the Social Security Fund Council Review Committee, the first batch of pension fund management agencies, the official start of investment operations." Li Zhong said, will ensure the safety of the premise, so that the people’s livelihood money really get value added. Low return on pension, multi-channel investment is imperative due to conservative investment, pension fund investment income is very limited. According to the information released by the Ministry of human resources and social, China pension development report published information on interest income and other information, China’s basic pension fund investment income remained at about 2%. In accordance with the 2% investment income, minus the level of inflation, the actual rate of return is basically negative. From the 2015 annual report released by the social security fund can be seen, Shandong, Guangdong and the National Social Security Fund Council has signed a pension fund escrow agreement. Some studies believe that, in addition to Guangdong and Shandong, there are 7 provinces and cities of the basic pension fund balance of more than one hundred billion yuan, is expected to achieve relatively early investment management, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc.. The pension market, a booster A shares? Pension market is a clear signal that the country’s determination to develop the capital market more firmly, which can lead to the orderly entry of domestic funds into the A-share market A. From a global perspective, the pension market can play a role in stabilizing the stock market. In the 80s of last century, the United States "401K" funds into the market, opened a 10 year bull market bull market. Many brokerage analysts believe that the pension market will bring a large number of long-term funds to the A-share market A, but taking into account the positions and Jiancang timing, the pension market short-term boost to the market, a good stock market will appear in the long-term role in. Pension market security? The stock market is a higher risk of the market, pension funds into the stock market, although there is an opportunity to improve yields, but how to ensure security? The basic old-age insurance fund investment management approach set the corresponding mandatory requirements. Measures: pension investment stocks, equity funds, hybrid funds, the proportion of stock based pension products, the total should not exceed 30% of the net assets of pension funds. Participate in stock index futures, bond futures trading, only for hedging purposes. As of the end of 2015, China’s basic pension fund asset size of 399相关的主题文章: