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U.S. media: Trump set up a mailbox server and the Russian secret contact with the original title: Trump accused of setting up a mailbox server and the Russian secret contact us Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump arrive in Florida in October 24th (Saint Augustine, picture source: Reuters) China daily on 1 November, Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump set up the mail server with Russia secret contact? According to the American magazine "well-known network Slate reported in October 31st, a number of top U.S. computer experts found a registration with the background in the e-mail server under the name of Trump foundation with a Russian bank very close contact and communication, extreme hidden. A day earlier, the Democratic leaders of the United States publicly denounced the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) deliberately delayed publication of Trump and the Russian authorities to maintain contact information. This confirmed the relevant media reports is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. from one side. Mailbox server put up "digital hotline"? According to the "Slate" magazine reported that the late spring and early summer this year, the authority of the U.S. network security company "CrowdStrike" alleged that Russian hackers a mailbox server of the Democratic National committee. The news caused a number of the top computer expert alert, or they work in network security company, or work in research institutions, and some U.S. intelligence agencies are closely related, in late July, the number of computer experts found suspicious — a bank in Moscow frequently access registration at the Fifth Avenue in New York under the name of a Trump foundation in the mailbox server hacking traces in the process of tracking. At first, they thought it was a malware attack, but soon realized that the access pattern was like a "human dialogue" in New York and moscow". Experts understand that this is the name of the Trump foundation, a mail server with the Bank of Moscow (Alfa Bank) to maintain continuous contact. This connection is extremely subtle. The Trump Foundation’s mailbox is set to receive letters from a few IP addresses. "Obviously, this is not an open mail server." One expert asserts, "they are connected in this way, blocking the rest of the world." In other words, this is equivalent to the Trump foundation and the Bank of China to build a hidden between the digital hotline in the". With the deepening of the investigation, experts are increasingly convinced that Trump claimed that Russia’s "irrelevant" rhetoric is not true. The two time trajectory email exchanges with the U.S. presidential election has exposed Mengliao amazing coincidence, "the election related news leaked, server traffic peak, and the emergence of many DNS two dialogue (referred to as the Democratic National Committee). September, the experts will be revealed to the media, in order to cause public concern. However, when the New York Times reporter to verify the Alfa bank, the fund’s mailbox server suddenly stopped operating in. Four days later, Trump replaced a new domain name for the mailbox server相关的主题文章: