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The man did not return the deposit or illegal Rental Association: best photographed leaving certificate Beijing – life daily news September 30th (Tian Fang Chen Mingfei) "will hire car rental companies, but 2000 yuan deposit has not come back." Recently, Harbin Mr. Chen will disappear, this complaint to the province by the coordination, car rental companies agreed to return the deposit and apologized to consumers. In June, Mr. Chen and Harbin Daoli District consumers a car rental company signed a rental contract and pay 2000 yuan deposit agreement "vehicle violation, since the date of the car, such as a month did not find the presence of illegal rental vehicles during rental period, refund of deposit. In case of violation, the fines imposed by the lessee". June 26th, Ma returned to the leased vehicle, the company found that the use of the car rental company did not occur during the violation, the company has been dragging, refused to refund the deposit. Helpless, Mr. Chen will be complained to the provincial association. After coordination, the car rental company agreed to return the deposit and apologize to consumers. In this regard, the provincial Consumers Association to remind consumers, eleven approaching, although convenient car rental, but pay attention to the protection of their rights and interests in the following aspects. First, we must choose a formal and legitimate car rental companies. Two, signed a rental contract carefully to understand the relevant provisions. 1, the daily limit of the number of kilometers and beyond the limit of the number of billing standards. 2, master the first contact and contact telephone number. 3, understand the violation and accident handling by who bear. Three, the vehicle handover acceptance is essential. 1, from the appearance of the vehicle inspection, the best camera to stay. 2, open the lid, check the coolant, oil, battery status. 3, run into the cab, check the status of oil, brake and air conditioning, and test drive, judge the basic conditions of vehicles. 4, for some models of special features and usage, should be clear to the leasing company. Four, review the vehicle insurance and other legal documents.相关的主题文章: