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You see, they just long lie than you big eyes – Fashion – original title: you see, they just long lie than you big eyes recently "Yan king" Honglei Sun in the micro-blog drying out a photo, photos of the two parallel lines drawn down, found Show Luo lying silkworm even as Honglei Sun’s eyes! Although small just after "a double fold greater than Li Ronghao Du Haitao’s eyes" one thing after the most sad, but Honglei Sun has the words: "the latest research shows that more than once lying silkworm eyes, is pouch. Symptoms of the same period: black eye, black skin, referred to as: Stone disease…… Serious when can nerve, intermittent vomiting…… And so on." What? In the eyes of the original straight big silkworm was actually a disease? No matter how small it took this picture and interpretation of different silkworm bags under the eyes, no difference in our eyes? Still suffering from the shock Xiaobian to see such a sentence after the turn to universal Internet, feel quite justified, used to share with you: "if straight, pay attention to your ‘lie’, that means not good-looking, is" pouch ". Nice lie will make straight thinking: "her eyes are beautiful."." So the question is, where is the standard of beauty? Always have a data ratio! There is a doctor in the collection of two hundred and sixty out-patient twenty to sixty year old women in fact the actual measurement data, and using silkworm silkworm eye size, height, height and total height divided by silkworm eyes, calculate the golden ratio should be about zero point four, we see below: if the eye height is about zero point nine cm, lying about zero point six cm high, the ratio can be at about zero point four (the formula for the 0.6÷ (0.9+0.6)); when some people smile face is a dynamic expression, only lying silkworm, this dynamic silkworm and do not laugh when some static lying silkworm, should be in accordance with the perfect ratio. The study is published in the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery. So whether you want to make a medical beauty by himself to paint or silkworm silkworm, the first step is to grasp the size of silkworm, silkworm maybe some innate great girl have to rely on the concealer to block what! Also note that, a beautiful lie is natural, beautiful, want to draw a nice lying silkworm, you also should know how to grasp the color of silkworm. You can’t go wrong – love is natural Beige silkworm makeup for beginners or sister paper, not only the low probability of beige missed, but not too gorgeous, do not look at the letter to Lim Yoona, she would often use cream is natural and fresh silkworm. White lie – the place I live in HOLD in contrast, white silkworm makeup would be more gorgeous, will be more suitable for the party, play the occasions, such as we see the goddess Gianna Jun used a white lie, her dress collocation is not very beautiful! PS, if you lie on the white color, can make the eyes more no confusion! However, we must pay attention to the use of the amount of not too much, otherwise it will appear unnatural. The golden lie – I was between the beige and white lie between elegant little woman of golden color, beige and slightly conspicuous than some, but not as white)相关的主题文章: