Renge and Clover marriage Street cool girls gone soft (video) 嘿嘿taxi

Renge and Clover marriage Street cool girl gentle Alexander Wang new series of releases has always been the highlight of New York fashion week, held out the renge is big, just carry a are social traffic large, his own funds also show the explosion of temperament, the crowd would be the first time empty wallet. The topic, commercial atmosphere, are enough to attract attention, so renge a season run in the T of New York. Do not expect, Alexander Wang 2017 spring and summer show. Show the location of Manhattan West Pier 94 (Pier 94), is taking the industrial cold style. Madonna, with her daughter to Madonna first put on Wang Daren in cooperation with the Adidas Originals crossover series, in a threatening manner to the blonde sports tights, A good sword remains always sharp. She also brought her daughter to join Lourdes Leon. Two, golden girl star studded catwalk model lineup model lineup, Kendall Jenner was wearing a bandage bikinis, a solid. And our Cool Baby Stella Lucia. New York fashion week 2017: Alexander Wang street, three street girl cool refreshing change explosion models still have to see the Fed this series of renge is full of aniseed, renge clothes a continuation of the previous street girl cool wind, but this more relaxed, even more gentle, strong sense of the street full of cool fabric. The sense of ritual Architecture Shape styles become less, gentle, straightforward, and even such a small lace flower fresh holiday wind element, I saw a cool girl began to smile a little change. Jeans cool down a color, become fresh. The cool girls do not wear high heels, easy to wear sandals, soles of the wind, unrestrained. If the front of the fresh and delicious to explosion of a number of small circle of fresh powder, then the top Alexander Wang is the band most authentic dishes. Cool girls must be the management body of players, or it can wear out the bra will measure the very forces your body and spirit. Injected Alexander Wang gene Street cool girl new. Sweater, colorful bikinis, quite a holiday wind. Four, pour clover to the fans looking forward to the Alexander Wang x adidas cooperation series also revealed truth in the show’s new clothes, is the inverted triangle clover Madonna wore, the reverse of the new LOGO really became a genuine foolish genuine goods at a fair price. Adidas classic stripes also throughout the elements. The more modern photo of the commercial street style. Five, a run off Wang Daren Huan forever finally sent a ten years as one day, is so nervous and renge. Big show not only, running non-stop.相关的主题文章: