Taizhou 1 police cheat liar gave him a charge of $50 this is how to do sql2005安装图解

Taizhou 1 police cheat him to give him a charge of $50 this is how to do a few days ago, Tiantai Xu Jian received a Shanghai number calls, the other said, he was a big event". "The person told me that I suspected of involvement in the trafficking of women and children, so they have for me the Shanghai police investigation, I hope to actively cooperate with the." Obviously, this is a telecommunications fraud routines. But a liar never thought the phone Xu Jian is a policeman, and is dedicated to investigating the fraud police communication network. Then, Xu police beat him at his own game, played a show. Xu police first pretend to hang up the phone, he told each other: "do not say first, telephone charges soon." Unexpectedly, the liar’s strong sense of service, immediately talk fee is not a problem, actively cooperate with the investigation of the most important, he will notify the telecom operators, Xu police charge charge. Less than 1 minutes, Xu police received a recharge SMS, liar really gave him a charge of $50. After that, crooks continue to scare Xu police officer. "I am talking with each other, probably wrong, someone had stolen my identity, because before my had been stolen, stole a lot of money, there are hundreds of thousands of cash and documents." Xu police officer is very clear what the liar wants to start the other side of the bait. Sure enough, not long after, he also received a self proclaimed Shanghai Public Security Bureau case handling personnel, the phone, said Xu police officers to make a record. "I know they have a very thick book, and remember the steps and problems of each step." It is with the knowledgeable Xu police want to give each other information, to guide each other according to the "script" show, "I have two ideas at the time, one is slowly set out some clues, and hold them, reduce them for a chance." Xu police pretended to be trapped, the other sent to a web site, open a look, is a so-called warrant officer, Xu being wanted. "I see the flaws, this is a fake website." Xu police officers continue to cooperate, pretending to be very anxious to ask how to do, the other said that the person in charge of the matter will come to him to talk about. Subsequently, the Shanghai prosecutor’s office appearance, said Xu police if you want to prove their innocence, it is necessary to provide bank account and password to facilitate police verification. General fraud are three groups of people, a ring of a ring. I pay attention to the next, the first group and the second groups of crime officers are Fujian accent, and the name of the ‘public prosecutor’ Mandarin standard, only individual pronunciation with Guangdong cavity." See each other’s script to go almost, Xu police and heart a plan, I told each other, do not toss about, in fact, I also engage in telecommunications fraud, are peer." Unexpectedly, the other immediately became an actor from the customer service. "They asked me to what their" business ", where there are flaws or shortcomings, can improve the next time." The two sides chatted for a while, until Xu police officers can no longer hold more information before hanging up the phone. "I looked at my watch and talked for more than 3 hours."   Xu police officer said he was on the phone.相关的主题文章: