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The rice in the small world, so extreme delicacy delicious – Sohu industry has never lacked legend, many unusual ingredients, you can make a delicious, not more than the Hollywood blockbusters to the less, such as rice. Ordinary daily eating rice, but some people in quality, in practice, the pursuit of the ultimate enjoyment. 1, A selected unuma more light rice watched a lonely gourmet today, five Lang went to eat a big uncle to Steamed Rice niigata. So the brain up, the original production of Niigata Koshihikari unuma is so big position. Ranked first in the world! Koshihikari from Japan Niigata, countless times to be ranked as the world’s first grade, that almost as long as about the best meters, is more light meters! The more light meters, the name from the ancient name "after the Niigata" Koshihikari "after" the word, and describe the grain crystal full of "light" word named. And one of the most advanced even tribute to the emperor of Japan, from the marsh marsh Niigata Koshihikari! No wonder netizens commented that eating will shed tears. Spot Japan imported special class minamiuonuma Yan Xuanyue light baby rice 5kg meters in August 19th September 18th harvest period, it means that now the new meters have been listed. 2, a bowl of porridge for the best in all the land of congee can best understand the high quality of the practice in the south, especially in Chaoshan area, has a strong culture of porridge. Amano ceramic casserole soup pot stew fire high temperature ceramic health porridge casserole porridge porridge pot Chaozhou Shantou circulating such a saying, porridge without skill, thirty-six. With a fine rice, rice with cold water pot fire slow boil, while he kept stirring technique at ingredients. Rolex unique originality. A lot of the restaurant cooked porridge the best in all the land, is the perfect combination of rice and cooked, need not stop rotating hands of the ladle, and pay attention to the change of water quality and the degree of expansion of the furnace, rice, cooked until this bowl of porridge. This boil out of porridge is very soft waxy taste the best in all the land, after the entrance sweet feeling is very strong. 3, the God of rice on the so-called extreme rice, I think it is actually a reflection of the spirit of craftsmen. Sushi God is not only on behalf of the top of the most demanding sushi, rice is the highest advocate. In traditional Japanese sushi circles spread form a sentence to describe Death Master’s words: "with 3 years of cooking? Hold this for 8 years". This is to say that it is a good meal to learn it will take three years. The grip of the sushi sushi, at least eight years to accurate. Good sushi, like a work of art. The best ingredients processed exquisite knife, with well made vinegar rice, sea essence and cultural heritage are condensed presentation. The instant Roasted Eel bushels of 350-450 grams of Japanese sushi Roasted Eel fish sauce, less meat and more Japanese Seafood Rice with general vinegar will be more sticky, sticky when making sushi, so sushi use must not bring body meters high viscosity. Solid professional quality -5A Hotel salmon pure meat 250g [guksu] without fish selection相关的主题文章: