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The golden goddess finally determined! Tang Yan cry- dress rehearsal modeling exposure entertainment Sohu   Golden Eagle goddess of flowers; Tang Yan   Golden Eagle goddess flowers Tang Yan   Tang Yan;     other rehearsal exposure; Sohu entertainment news of the eleventh Golden Eagle Festival opening soon, the Golden Eagle goddess who is also of concern, before Zheng Shuang, Li Nazhadouyin the golden goddess off all heat topic. Recently rumored to be headed by Tang Yan. In October 14th, the netizen drying out the Golden Eagle Festival Tang Yan rehearsal photos. In the photo, Tang Yan wearing a gold dress, with a slim figure. Fans have said: finally the dust settles, Kara Mimi." "Looking forward to the Golden Eagle goddess debut"   Tang Yan studio Tang Yan drying out a new stroke it is reported that the Golden Eagle goddess of flowers who triggered speculation constantly, earlier biography will produce between Zheng Shuang and nuozha. In October 12th, Tang Yan released the micro-blog studio, drying out the Tang Yan trip, and wrote: "I celebrate the big sugar total Tang Yan Home magazine issued special benefits, high-definition big picture, just a few days to travel is full of hard work, the total sugar!" Travel shows, Tang Yan in October 14th to 16 in Changsha in the Golden Eagle festival. So far, only the real Tang Yan is issuing the final candidates of the Golden Eagle goddess.     [Golden Eagle goddess of flowers who cited the storm Zheng Shuangna tie Yang Mi have been popular] Zheng Shuang, Yang Mi, Karzai have traced the new "Golden Eagle goddess" the Internet has claimed that nuozha beat Zheng Shuang became the latest of the golden goddess   nuozha agent reply screenshots of   eleventh; the Golden Eagle Festival will be opened in October 14th, in addition to the ownership of the awards, a number of the "Golden Eagle goddess" for the most attention. On the sixth "Golden Eagle goddess" who, Yang Mi, Liu Tao, Victoria Song, Yang Zi, Di Ali Gerba, such as actress Tang Yan is a popular candidate, one vote is the leader of the recent years hit works continue floret Zheng Shuang. However, some friends broke the news that this year’s Golden Eagle goddess has been designated as the first choice Guli Nazha, beat Zheng Shuang, more netizens are shady. In this regard, Sohu entertainment contacted Karzai broker, broker denied this, and said that until now, have not received any relevant notification about the Golden Eagle festival.相关的主题文章: