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The seat of the first Habitat ancient six Dasan tea from history and go out to eat and drink – Sohu map: 2011 Yi Feng · column tea, tea Kunming South Beauty dry warehouse storage to enumerate the Lancang River on both sides of the distribution of Pu’er tea area, twinkling stars like the Milky Way department, many are so bright Lili, so dazzling. Here is the new star of Iceland, a dozen years ago has been the rise of the warlords to today’s old class chapter is out of ancient tea scale Jingmai, this is one of the most historic and life style, it is called a hundred years of glorious Wu yi. Yi Wu is the location of the ancient town of the county government, there are still ancient town retained. Yiwu is the main origin of traditional Pu’er Tea, area of tea and tea production in ancient six Dasan first. Iceland famous tea in 2008, the old class fame in 2004, and is famous in Yiwu mid Qing Dynasty Jiaqing and Dao Guang period, it is easily the most glorious period of Wu Pu’er Tea. The Qing Dynasty Yong Zheng, Ren eertai Yunnan Guizhou governor, a tea Bureau in Yunnan, the Yunnan tea trade. Hubei Ertaile Yunnan Chashan tea the top Pu’er Tea unified purchase by the state, the selected first-class tea division hand refined, and personally supervise, in tribute tea printed on the "private" eertai treasure, imperial tribute. In the year 1732, it was officially included in the tribute book case. Yiwu street shops even pick tea shops, tea, Business Flourishes, ten, merchants and caravan exchanges on the mainland. Only rely on easy to local raw materials can not meet the Yi Wu tea processing. Therefore, Yibang, Gordon, Manchester Zhuang, even you Leshan tea Jing has most concentrated into Yiwu processed into "seven tea cakes", most of the time to take more than 6 thousand. At that time, Yi Wu can be said to have a Tea Garden Hill, everywhere people. The history of Yi Wu not only tea planting area ranks six Dasan first, and in the middle of Qing Dynasty is the center of tea. Figure 2011: · Yi; Feng Ming Tea column, South Beauty Kunming dry warehouse storage Pu’er Tea without chaos is the accumulation of all sorts of brilliant relics in history, or the auction record price staggering No. remember the old tea today, or is the top grade in China flashing of the top luxury Pu’er Tea District in the brewing, the name or the source are all pointing to the same area, Wu yi. Entered the 100 year old car number, looked faintly mottled gold, "shwegon heavenly years" plaque, suddenly Wu Yi Town has a flourishing, wash magnificence feeling. Why Pu’er Tea can become popular nowadays, China tea varieties the leader in the new era, because the drink is not only Pu’er Tea drink to taste, taste, the more Yue Chen, is able to drink rich history and culture, sigh changes from generation to generation. The old Pu’er Tea more can understand them, but retained the few hundred years old Pu’er tea varieties basically from Yiwu, so now we have to taste a hundred years before Pu’er is basic "Yi Wu taste". Thus, Yiwu, a hundred years ago, Wu Yi tea is so wonderful, but under the new era of Yiwu as Pu’er Tea good tea Pu’er tea geographical area or synonymous with its status and how? The graph is: 201 nets相关的主题文章: