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After the acquisition of Ali Youku potatoes continued unrest: CFO joined LETV holding Sohu Leidi science and technology network reported on August 29th by the Alibaba in Jianping thunder over $4 billion 500 million to complete the acquisition of the number of months, Youku potatoes are in continuous internal unrest. After Youku potatoes business veteran Zhu Huilong after leaving, Leidi network today learned exclusively, Youku potatoes CFO Wu Hui has joined the music as holding. According to one music, as insiders said, has been in the music as an internal meeting to see Wu Hui to participate in activities. However, Wu Hui is not listed as a listed company LETV, but music as holding, as the person in charge of finance. Wu Hui has extensive experience in finance, joined Youku potatoes, served as vice president of Lenovo Group, Chinese and emerging markets in the Asia Pacific CFO, responsible for Chinese region and the Asia Pacific region and other countries and domestic joint venture, sole proprietorship business. May 2015, Youku potatoes appointed Wu Hui as senior vice president and chief financial officer. Compared with the veteran Zhu Huilong, Wu Hui in Youku potatoes is not a long history. This time Wu Hui quit Youku potatoes, in fact, there have been more than 1 months, but has always maintained a low profile. In fact, after the completion of the delisting Youku potatoes, internal adjustments have been carried out. May 2016, Youku potatoes announced the appointment of Yang Weidong as president of the group, reported to the Group Chairman and CEO Gu Yongqiang, a full responsibility for Youku, potatoes, crazy, to play the relevant platform business. CTO Yao key and the team responsible for the business, a cultural and business team responsible for CEO Zhu Xiangyang, senior vice president Li Jie (and the team responsible for the business development of BD, strategic cooperation and operation business to Yang Weidong report). A group of pictures, investment, finance, legal, market and government affairs team report to Liu yue. Wei Ming went to the United States to study, during which is responsible for VR investment, product cooperation and talent layout, as a partner in venture capital VR Fund. People could see that the status of Yang Weidong in Youku potatoes increased dramatically, the former president Liu Dele, Youku potatoes BG co President Wei Ming’s position on the decline, Wei Ming may even retire from Youku potatoes. The whole system, one group CEO Victor Koo also has the trend of marginalization in Alibaba. In June 2016, the Alibaba established the "cultural entertainment work leading group, Ali mobile business group president Yu Yongfu as a writer of Alibaba entertainment group leader, responsible for the entertainment section of the big Alibaba leadership and management. The leading group for business: Ali pictures, one group (Youku potatoes), Ali Ali UC, music, sports, games, literature, Ali Ali Ali digital entertainment division. The members of the leading group: Ali pictures CEO Zhang Qiang, a group president Yang Weidong Ali Gao Xiaosong, chairman of CEO music; Song Ke; Zhang CEO Ali sports clock UC President He Xiaopeng. The above members report to Yu Yongfu. The leading group is responsible for the overall strategy of cultural entertainment forum ", forming a picture; synergy is responsible for the business section in the help of each block.相关的主题文章: