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Qiu Bo: love the sun today as the full impact of the Olympic champion Qiu Bo Rio De Janeiro Xinhua sports news (reporter Ji ye February 24th) 2016 Diving World Cup and Olympic diving trials for 24 days here in the final finals ended, the men’s 10 meter platform, China team players Qiu Bo and Chen Aisen won the first runner up, and Chinese team in a total of 8 projects won 6 gold, 4 silver medals, with absolute advantage lead. Kazan world champion Qiu Bo ranked second in the first round of the finals, but after they have been occupying the first place in the final 557.75 points to win. Chen Aisen, who took part in the individual event World Series for the first time, only ranked fifth in the first jump, but then gradually adjusted to get the runner up with 534.25 points. American David was second runner up. This competition is the Rio Olympic diving stadium, this outdoor field is susceptible to weather changes. The final of the game started at 13:15 pm on 24, and the sun was exposed during the match. When it comes to the site, Qiu Bo says he likes it very much. "I love the sunshine today. It doesn’t matter if it rains, because the players are in the same place, and everyone else has an impact". Before and Lin Yue 10 meters gold medal for men’s doubles partner Chen Aisen said: "the weather is good outdoor venues, the main problem. I had a heavy rain when I was in a double match, and today it was a big sun, standing on the platform, sometimes it was too hot, it felt a little dizzy, but it didn’t make much difference." Talking about their performance, Qiu Bo think is normal play. And 20 year old young Chen Aisen said he played in general, "may be the first time to participate in individual events world competition reasons, I am nervous, can not open."". After less than 6 months, the Rio Olympic Games will be opened, Qiu Bo said he would do the full impact of the Olympic champion, but before the training or to be happy and steady. And Chen Aisen is also looking forward to winning the Olympic champion, "this is the dream of every athlete."". So far, the diving world cup all over, in the 8 Olympic Games to compete in the absolute advantage Chinese team with 6 gold and 4 silver medals ranked in the top 4, the women’s gold full won 2 silver, while the men’s team won 2 gold, 2 silver, lost the men’s 3 meter individual and double gold medal. The Diving World Cup held twice a year, the world swimming championships and the Olympic Games are called "world diving three competition", in which the Olympic year is generally combined with the Olympic test competition. This year’s world cup has 272 players from 49 countries and regions for a total of 88 Olympic seats, the teams are sent to the main force. China’s 13 players are the main players, they need to get enough team selection points to participate in the Olympic games. According to the Chinese Olympic diving team selection rules, Kunshan Kazan in the second half of 2015 World Swimming Championships, national championships and at the end of the trials, three station integral front runners in the 2016 world cup. The above three races, together with the world cup and the first half of this year’s national championship, constitute the Olympic trials of all five stations.

邱波:特别喜欢今天的阳光 尽全力冲击奥运冠军 邱波   新华社里约热内卢2月24日体育专电(记者姬烨)2016年跳水世界杯暨奥运跳水测试赛24日在这里落幕,在最后进行的男子10米台决赛中,中国队选手邱波和陈艾森分获冠、亚军,而中国队在总共8个项目中获得了6金4银,以绝对优势领跑奖牌榜。   喀山世锦赛冠军邱波在决赛首轮排名第二,但之后便一直占据首位,最终以557.75分夺冠。首次参加个人项目世界大赛的陈艾森在第一跳只列第五,但之后逐渐调整状态,以534.25分获得亚军。美国选手戴维获得季军。   本次比赛地正是里约奥运会的跳水赛场,这一室外场容易受到天气变化的影响。本场决赛在24日中午13时15分展开,比赛时阳光暴晒。谈到这个场地,邱波说他特别喜欢,“我特别喜欢今天的阳光,就算下雨也没关系,因为选手都在同一场地,别人也会有影响”。   之前与林跃搭档获得男双10米台金牌的陈艾森说:“室外场馆挺好,主要是天气问题。我参加双人比赛的时候下暴雨,而今天则是大太阳,站在跳台上有时候太热,感觉有点晕,不过没有太大影响。”   谈及自己的表现,邱波认为是正常发挥。而20岁小将陈艾森则表示自己发挥一般,“可能是第一次参加个人项目世界大赛的原因,我比较紧张,放不开”。   再过不到6个月,里约奥运会将拉开帷幕,邱波表示自己将尽全力冲击奥运冠军,不过在之前的训练中还是要开开心心、细水长流。而陈艾森也期待着可以拿到奥运冠军,“这是每个运动员的梦想”。   至此,本届跳水世界杯全部结束,在8个奥运项目争夺中,中国队以6金4银的绝对优势排在奖牌榜首位,其中女子4金2银实现全包揽,男队则获得2金2银,丢掉了男子3米板个人和双人的金牌。   每两年举办一次的跳水世界杯与世界游泳锦标赛和奥运会并称“世界跳水三大赛”,其中奥运年一般都与奥运测试赛合并。今年的世界杯有来自49个国家和地区的272名选手争夺总共88个奥运席位,各队都尽遣主力出战。中国队参赛的13名运动员可谓全主力,他们需要拿到足够的队内选拔积分来参加奥运会。   根据中国跳水队的奥运选拔规则,喀山游泳世锦赛、2015年下半年的全国锦标赛和年底昆山举行的选拔赛,三站积分靠前的选手参加2016年世界杯。上述三站比赛加上世界杯和今年上半年全国冠军赛构成全部五站的奥运选拔赛。相关的主题文章: