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Music It is rather hard to be crowned the king of something, especially when it is the King of Pop music. Such was the case of Michael Jackson, who had too many hit songs to count easily. There are so many different songs that had some pretty great back stories, one such track that you would certainly care to learn about would be Michael Jackson Dirty Diana. You should really take a few moments to consider the impact that this song had on people. Through the course of this particular article, you can get a pretty decent introduction to the track and determine the various reasons that people assume it was written. Additionally, you can get a source of information straight from the artist to detail why the song was written. You should understand that there are plenty of different reasons that people believe that this song was written. However, with all of the theories that are out there, some of them that are the most .monly accepted don’t even make sense. So no matter what the actual reason was, it is not to discredit the possibility that there could be some truths to the theories. Many of these theories surrounded one of two different women. The first and most .mon source of these theories surrounding the song would be that the song was actually written about Diana Ross. The main source theory behind this was that Jackson was very in love with Ross, who cared for another. Some theories suggested that Ross took advantage of Jackson while he was still in his teens, while others suggest that he was simply slighted by her lack of interest in him. Still more theories have suggested that this song was somehow about Diana, Princess of Wales. There are not a lot of people that have really backed this theory as being relavent or true, as Jackson would have had little to nothing to do with Princess Diana. Moreover, he would have had no reason to be so slanderous towards someone else that he hardly interacted with. Jackson himself suggested that this song had nothing to do with either of these women, but rather Diana in the song was just a representative of the various groupies that he had encountered in his incredibly successful career to date. While there were certainly several of these, many believe that he might have just been avoiding the truth by passing off the track as nothing more than a little harsher "Billy Jean". This was a similar approach made by an earlier Jackson track "Billy Jean". While that song suggested the groupie had a baby of his, or didn’t rather, this particular song suggests more of the without limits and without inhibitions approach that many women had while being around Jackson and his group. Michael Jackson Dirty Diana itself spent time at number one, which helped Bad to be.e an album of some note. This would be one of the only time that five songs from one album would spend time at number one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: