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Travel-and-Leisure Napa Valley is generally accepted as the undisputed wine capital of California, but in all reality is likely deserving of being proclaimed the wine capitol of the entire western hemisphere. Napa Valley may feature a California climate but also showcases an old country style mystique that is sure to create the type of atmosphere that will allow you and your party to find the sort of relaxation that you have always wanted from a vacation. Napa County vineyards line country style highways in between the east bay mountain ranges and the California coastline, surrounded by the endless mystique of 19th century wine cellars. The beauty and tradition of Napa Valley is truly difficult to put into words, as the generational tradition of wine is so deeply rooted in this part of the world that nearly every restaurant features world class bottles and nearly every person can strike up an intelligent conversation about the history of the county or the qualities of their favorite type of wine grape. The old saying tells us that for truly great Mexican food, a trip to Mexico City is warranted. In addition, for authentic Filipino food, Manila awaits you. Well, that logic is just as true when it .es to experiencing true American quality wine, there is nothing as pure as that which is found in Napa Valley. .mercial wine production have been a staple of this .munity for hundreds of years and you can tell as soon as you arrive on the scene! The 400+ wineries that call Napa Valley home are .fortably located in a soothing Mediterranean climate that is perfect for the growth of wine quality grapes used for the production of award winning labels. As a piece of historical significance, Napa County’s first .mercial wine vineyard was founded in 1858 and ever since that day, the accolades continue to roll in from around the world. As a testament to Napa’s status as an elite wine region, nearly 4.5 million people travel from all over the world to visit Napa Valley every singles year. In fact, just last year, the well respected travellers information hub, TripAdvisor, named Napa Valley as "The World’s Best Wine and Food Destination" in the annual Travelers’ Choice Awards. Napa Valley, although in a world entirely it’s own, is located about an hour and fifteen minutes from San Francisco, which makes any sort of day trip extremely convenient if you are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area from out of town and would like to take part in the great American tradition of agricultural excellence! Whether you decide to drive yourself, or to book a limousine or charter bus tour at any number of Bay Area transportation firms, Napa Valley is just a short and relaxing ride away! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: