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Medicine Mercy Medical Center Mercy Medical Center is a benevolent and non-profit medical facility operated by the Sisters of Mercy around the world. This catholic organization has multi specialty Mercy Medical Center around United Stated as well as other countries like Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Guyana. Sisters of Mercy are an international .munity of Roman Catholic women that was founded by Catherine McAuley in Dublin in the year 1831. Mercy Medical Center is one of the many benevolent activities of the Sisters of Mercy .munity towards serving the poor, sick and deserted people all over the world. The Mercy Medical Centers are funded by the charities and Roman Catholic organizations. The multi specialty hospitals of Mercy Medical Center are equipped with state of the art medical facilities and provide many medical services, especially to the women and children. Healthcare services The state of the art medical facility of Mercy Medical Center provide .prehensive medical care for both the inpatients and outpatients of the hospital. The hospital provide medical treatment in wide range including emergency care, maternity services, cardiac care, cancer treatment, breast care, diagnostic imaging, intensive and critical care, diabetes treatment, surgical procedures including laser therapy. Apart from that the hospital also provides world class treatment in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, urology, minimally invasive and cosmetic surgery. The advanced and cutting edge medical facilities and well trained and experienced medical professionals make Mercy Medical Center one of the best healthcare providers. Diagnostic services The diagnostic service of the Mercy Medical Center provide full fledged solution for medical testing. Biological, bio chemical tests, radiological tests are done at the state of the art laboratories. These diagnostic facility that helps to detect and treat a patient can be availed by the in patients and outdoor patients as per their requirement. Home Care services The staff of the Mercy Medical Center can provide you medical care and assisted living services right at your home. If you have a patient at your home that can stay at home but need constant attendance of a trained medical personal, the day care service can be a great solution. It lets you enjoy your normal life at you home while having the required medical care. Hospice Service Mercy Medical Center provides exceptional hospice services to the terminally ill patients. It is absolutely critical and challenging for the family members and relatives of the terminally ill patients. At Mercy Medical Center this is done with utmost care and by professionally trained and experienced persons. They are trained to take care of the terminally ill patients and they know exactly ho to take care of these patients. Specialized services Besides the regular treatments and medical care facilities the Mercy Medical Center also have number of specialized services. The counseling services that provide critical knowledge to the women for child care, family care and general health is a specialty of the Mercy Medical Center that is carried out by the Sisters of Mercy to uplift the living standards of the backward classes and spread knowledge about well being and good health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: