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Health Substance abuse can be explained as the overuse of illicit drugs or alcohol that harm the user and often lead to addiction so that the user is not able to control their wish to eat such drugs. Substance abuse is often labeled as an immoral condition and as such is not a problem which drug abusers make public. However, there are some warning signs of substance abuse that can help you already know if someone you know may be addicted to drugs or alcohol and that can help a drug addict recognize the addiction in himself. Today, drug treatment programs help addicts. Every drug offers symptoms of abuse specific to the drug. Abuse leads to excessive consuming along with inflammation of eye and even postponed reaction among others. Heroin frequently causes a feeling of euphoria and a state that is dreamlike which can last for long periods. Inhalants cause abusers in order to feel light headed and even stimulate a short period associated with euphoria. It can also cause fainting spells. The symptoms of LSD are generally panic and anxiety and a feeling of loss of control and paranoia. Drug abuse symptoms include a condition of misunderstandings and depressive disorders along with irritability. Methamphetamine abuse can be recognized by the the signs of sleeplessness and increased agitation among others. Apart from the signs and symptoms of substance abuse that are specific to a type of drug, there’s also some common symptoms that drug users may display. Sudden change in behavior is a such sign of substance abuse. The drug abuser may become more detached through his family and friends and may even neglect to fulfill commitments. The withdrawal from close friends and loved ones may be physical such as lack from capabilities or events or might be psychological like the disinterest in the encounters of loved ones. Another common symptom of substance abuse is an abrupt change in feeling from cranky and upset to pleased and vice versa. Drug users also show a lack of personal care as well as reduced concern towards individual grooming. Other, commonly observed symptoms of substance abuse are the changing of resting patterns and also the disinterest in activities and hobbies that the abuser used to enjoy previously. There are also some additional physical signs and symptoms of substance abuse such as redness from the eyes and a runny nose. If you know someone who may be displaying these warning signs of substance abuse, taking a closer look at their own activities will go a long way in helping them become kick the drug abuse habit they may have. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: