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Sports-and-Recreation I wish that there were electric scooters when I was a kid. Heck, it’s been such a long time since I was a kid, the only power available for our scooters was a kid’s foot. In fact, some of my friends say that when I was a kid electricity hadn’t even been invented. However, that’s going a bit too far. Today, these scooters are an absolutely sure way to offer your child, husband, friend, yourself or anybody, for that matter, the thrill of a great little joy ride. Perhaps the greatest attribute of the electric scooter is that it is eco-friendly. As an electric instrument it does not pollute the air as would a gas operated scooter. Many of the scooters come with twist grip throttles, chain driven motors and pneumatic tires to be sure that no matter how fast or slow you get you will enjoy a smooth ride that does not foul the environment. In addition to being eco-friendly, the electric scooters are better than those that operate on other fuels because of the fact that being electric makes them rechargeable, ensuring that you will never run out of gas. The scooters are available in a variety of colors, sizes and models. It is also available to suit particular age groups. All you must do to ensure that you choose the correct scooter for you, or as a gift for someone you love, is to match their weight and age to determine the size and power of the scooter you wish to purchase for them. Electric scooters can be purchased at various local stores such as Walmart, Sears, Dick’s, Kohl’s, Target or Toys ‘R ‘Us. You can also purchase them online at websites such as or The electric scooters are a sure fire way to please anyone for whom you purchase one. Some of the manufacturers of these scooters for kids include: Vespa, X-Treme, Currie Technologies and Injusa. Following are listed some of the prices of different scooter models for kids: 1. Currie Technologies Blue Ezip – $199.99 2. Vespa 700 Watt Stinger Scooter – $249.95 3. Electric Scooter Model E200 – $149.54 4. X-Treme X-250 Electric Scooter – $179.00 5. Injusa Electric Scooter Duo Pink 6v – $259.00 As you can see, electric scooters for kids are quite moderately priced and therefore financially available to most people. For the money, they provide a tremendous amount of exhilarating fun for little kids, bigger kids and adults who want to act like kids. Copyright (c) 2011 Sandra Tiffany About the Author: 相关的主题文章: