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Music The movie business, the television industry, government espionagecertain industries exude an air of impenetrability. If you want to be a nurse or a bookkeeper or a banker, the path to that career goal is very linear and no great mystery: go to college or a trade school, learn the craft and apply for a job at a hospital, accountants office or local thrift and loan. But breaking into any of the creative arts such as the music industry can be daunting. Theres no established career path, no single proven method to succeed. Its up to each individual to forge their unique path. So the first step is to have a specific goal; know what it is you want to do. If you are a singer, do you want to perform solo or as part of a group; musicians may aspire to be band members or music directors; engineers might to produce or work in sound editing; composers can write for Top 40 acts or create movie soundtracks. The next step is to know your targeted field. Find out the names of the A&R people in your area. Research workshops that spotlight your area of interest and that give you the opportunity to meet others who can be your entree into the field. Promote yourself. Put together a professional looking resume and/or demo package and send it out. Dont be afraid to follow up with phone calls or emails. Few people success in the music industry by being passive. Look for internships. There will be little or no pay but the experience you get and contacts you make are priceless. Any entry level job, however menial, can be the foot in the door to a future career. Be determined. You may suffer years of rejection but only those willing to stick to it will get the opportunity to prove themselves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: