Alleged corruption, the old man was about to transfer the police even dial 18 calls to dissuade 3u8547

The old man was "suspected of corruption" remittance police even dial 18 telephone to – Beijing northeast news network October 25th "I am Beijing Procuratorate, you suspected of corruption crime, if you don’t want to go to jail, 150 thousand remitted to a safe account." Recently, Daqing Zou old man received a text message after contact with each other for gospel truth are ready to transfer, thanks to the police call, send a message to stop. Reporters learned from the provincial public security department, the province’s anti fraud center has been officially listed, the public in case of fraud can be timely alarm, the police will be the first time to gradually freeze the account fraud, to avoid the victim suffered economic losses. More than four at 8 pm, a man in Daqing city Saertu District Zou a suddenly received a phone call, the person claiming the Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Saertu branch of the police where the heart, "we find that you are criminals to implement telecommunications fraud, you do not send money." Zou said not letter, hung up the phone, where the heart for Zou 17 calls, but was rejected. The other end of the phone police is true or false? Originally, the day of the Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of the Saertu branch Ru Shidong received a clue: someone posing as public security officers to commit fraud. What the police on duty through the Bureau of telecommunications fraud victims to obtain anti authority Zou contact, repeatedly call his name, and the number of police information in the form of short messages to zou. Zoumou call 110 police identity verification, to believe what the heart said, and came to the bureau to verify the situation. Zou, around day 11, he received a message, write their own package to sign him as messages in the phone call in the past. The other asked him to report the name and ID number in order to query, and then said: we have a parcel sent from the Beijing city procuratorate, I help you transfer the phone in the past." Call forwarding is successful, the other said Zou suspected of corruption crime investigation, "three pm will have the police come, once convicted may be sentenced to 5 to 10 years." Zou first do not believe, but the other side sent a copy of his photos and personal information "criminal enforcement approved the arrest and freeze control enforcement". "If you don’t want to go to jail, for security accounts of the Beijing City People’s Procuratorate 150 thousand margin for bail." Zou it panic, to borrow money from friends and family. "Where police officers call me, I thought to catch me, just pretend not to answer the phone." Zou said, thanks to the police has been called the information, let him understand. The reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau, September 20th, the province of anti fraud center was formally established, will be the same as finance, telecom operators and other departments in the offices of the implementation of fraud criminals in the process of timely intervention, the first time to notify the victim, stop the transfer, Qigihar, and Greater Khingan Range, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi anti fraud center have been established, has successfully intercepted more than telecommunications fraud. If the victim has the money into the account of fraud, as long as the first time to call 110, anti fraud center will take urgent frozen stop work, the first time step by step to freeze the accounts of fraud, the maximum extent to avoid the economic losses. (Li Mingzhe Xue Feifei)相关的主题文章: