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Andouble to take the India – Pacific strategy to contain China? – Andouble to take India too strategy to contain China? India media: beware of [Global Times reported] India’s prime minister Modi 10, opened a 3 day trip to japan. This is a regular annual summit meeting, but the media think it is possible to create history". It is said that Japan plans for several years, the India – Pacific strategy will be formally proposed at the summit. The two countries leaders met on the civilian nuclear agreement has not been negotiated also is expected to be finalized during the visit. Prior to the two sides of the Japanese and Indian voices have said that the two countries will issue a joint statement issued by the South China Sea arbitration case. India shook hands, eyes seem to have aimed at china. Japan wants to build India into a close partner in China, India will really be on this boat? On the field of public opinion, there is a point of view that India will be pragmatic attitude to choose to accept". There are also serious media to persuade India to develop this relationship with Japan to be careful. [global times in India, Japan, Singapore, Zhou Liangchen special correspondent Li Zhen Xin Bin Global Times reporter Gao Ying Zhen Xiang]相关的主题文章: