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Andouble Trump as a "trusted ally" of Japanese media said the results unpredictable – Beijing, Beijing, November 20, Japanese media Kyodo News Agency issued 19 articles pointed out that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and US President elect Trump recently held talks with the heads of state to become the main channel of communication not Trump’s trusted ally. "To build a relationship can be intimate dialogue, so as to avoid the serious friction. Japanese government sources said the move trump card is the prime minister’s diplomatic experience value". Abe’s idea is to illustrate the international situation, the situation in the Asia Pacific region to Trump. However, Trump even talked about the possibility of the withdrawal of US troops stationed in Japan, and he will not grasp the expected action according to the japanese. The article pointed out that Andouble 17 evening in the United States, New York, ahead of other heads of state held talks with Mr. Trump. He told the media after the meeting stressed that the alliance can not operate without trust, Trump can trust". China News Agency reporter Wang Xiujun photo " src=" cnsupload big 2016 4-426 bae2b95511d846cda024ac9b30de3201.jpg" title=" data figure: Japanese Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo, 09-03. China News Agency reporter Wang Xiujun photo " > data figure: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. China News Agency reporters Wang Xiujun and Zhang analysis of the article said, in terms of the formal nomination of the Republican Party in the United States in, Trump was nominated for the presidential election began to intensify in July. Analysis of the character of "love and hate, to distinguish between ourselves and the enemy" (the Japanese government source language), that compared to the truth, "communication with human to this conclusion close relationship". Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said 18 recorded in the TBS television program, "we actually on Trump for a considerable research, such as the impact on people like him……" The article points out that Andouble is regarded as "business and" President Obama "was not to come". The Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence, sources said, "from the prime minister, compared with the Obama, and Trump is more congenial temperament." Andouble in the talks to the golf club sent to Trump, trying to create a friendly atmosphere. According to diplomatic sources, the 17 day of talks with the Japanese ambassador to the United States Kenichiro Sasae proposed to the son of Trump and strive to achieve. Japanese government sources said: from the early stages of contact with the Trump camp, to build a relationship, which became the trick of winning." Another source said, had also held talks during the presidential election, but the schedule can not get together." Andouble in the 14 Senate Special Committee on the expansion did not disclose a series of diplomatic efforts described as "duck swim" (secretly energetically). The article believes that the contents of the two talks is unknown, but Andouble may have passed the support of Trump’s American doctrine, and around the Japan US relations launched consultations. Data figure: U.S. President elect Trump..相关的主题文章: