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By: David Almeida | Feb 22nd 2015 – I recently received a message a man who stated he is being tormented by demonic spirits. He requested my assistance in removing them from his body. This was my reply to him. Tags: evil spirits, dark forces, dark spirits, astral entities, astral parasites, evil. demons, demonic possession, exorcism, exorcist, negative entities Psychic Protection: Etheric Spiders Psychic Vampires By: Jim Cassa | Jun 28th 2011 – Want to know more bout etheric spiders and psychic vampires? Many folks have seen spiders in dreams, visions, and nightmares. Tags: etheric spiders, psychic vampires, psychic, psychic reading, The Biography Of John Holland By: Craig Malone | Apr 6th 2010 – John Holland describes himself as being one of the top ten mediums in the U.S. Learn about his psychic abilities and history as a live psychic. Tags: john holland, psychic, psychic reading, mediums The Metaphysical View Of Death And Life After Death Part 5 By: Luxamore | Apr 19th 2007 – The process of transition. Swedenb.’s teachings. Life in the astral/heavenly worlds. Tags: death, soul, self, seed-atoms, silver-cord, religion, spirituality, psychics, spirit, purgatory, hell [1]» 相关的主题文章: