Autumn what kind of body is good to wear, the all-match coat looks like this (video)

Autumn: what kind of body is good to wear, the all-match coat looks like this weather is cold, need a beautiful new coat. In foreign countries, an autumn coat has been fire to have their own ins account…… Blogger Alice Frances found that the 70 pound Zara jacket is the main street in the UK and many other European countries. She founded the ins account @thatcoat, encourage everyone to take photos to her. So, looking for that coat became popular in Europe, the game. They found that Dave women wearing it…… Even wearing Zara to the Zara store shopping. Go on the subway…… Work…… And formal occasions such as weddings, receptions, the Royal Ascot, and even the Queen’s birthday celebration. Celebrities also wear it to attend various activities. This is a British columnist Megan Taylor, Olivia Palermo, New York socialite Kate assistant Rebecca Deacon and the Mexico presidential candidate Margarita Zavala. The necessary 4 coat in addition to the ins account and celebrity blessing, this coat now have a cupcake and cartoon image…… National media attention and coverage. The lower right corner of the Italy newspaper even claimed that the popularity of the Zara coat reflects a political change that reflects the global economic integration. The mother-in-law wrote today, is to help Zara do soft Wen, encourage everyone to buy? Of course not! This dress is not available in China, and has been sold out. The key is, has bad street clothes, buy only Zhuangshan whenever and wherever possible…… Especially in such a closed space on the subway, embarrassed to flee to other compartments. Today, her mother-in-law focused on the net infrared sets, is to analyze with everyone, why all kinds of women, after trying to buy it? With this as a reference, you can quickly lock a fit for the vast majority of people & most occasions ideal coat. First of all, it is the rule of printing deep blue + white, and the 1960s Vogue cover this Chanel coat is not like? Plain printing and dull coat low-key this very classic, can buy to wear for a long time. If you think the pattern is too old, you can choose geometry or plant prints low-key. Secondly, the network has a little red coat and fragrant hair edges, add a little solemn feeling, also can wear a formal occasion. Gigi and Anna Prada recently wore plain printing plush + edge decoration items, very beautiful. Looks like you, actually Gigi this Tularosa wrap dress only $168, but has been sold out. Third, the simple H profile, than the A word coat, cocoon coat and waist collection, more suitable for women who are not perfect. Especially the type of body plump, H type coat will be more agile. Fourth, significantly higher. The front white decorative lines, played a role in raising the waistline. Seven points sleeve design, but also has a high magical effect. In addition to significantly high, seven minutes sleeve dew!相关的主题文章: