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Travel-and-Leisure So much has been written on Tuscany, and so much will be, but it seems like it’s never enough to cover all the what can be said about this wonderful region in Italy and the hospitable people that inhabit it. Tuscany holds within its museums, galleries, open spaces and private collections, 35% of the world’s historic and artistic heritage, which accounts for millions and millions of operas to see visit study and leave first hand, such as the Town of San Giminiano, recently declared by UNESCO as world heritage site. The richness that characterizes this Italian land, however, is not limited to artistic beauty and historical events. Tuscany is a land conformed in so many various ways, where agriculture still dominates the landscapes and colors the land with different hues throughout the year depending on the season and on the colture. The Sienese Crete are renown worldwide for having appeared on so many a calendar on Tuscany and Italy. Characterized by the rolling hills and the occasional groups of cypresses, this part of Tuscany is home to many beautiful farmhouses and villas resting on the top of hills dotting the landscape. A wonderful example are these Villas for large groups of people in Tuscany The Chianti region, famous for its wine, wonderful countryside and unique cities such as Siena and Florence, still offers a plethora of events and places where life can be enjoyed the Tuscan way. Thanks to the warmth that the people of this land offers to visitors and foreigners, life in Tuscany and the Chianti region has become famous abroad. The landscape of Chianti is rich with wonderful castles and Tuscany Villas. The Florence area region is very much explored and offers towns and castles and Tuscany best outlets of rare beauty. On the other side, facing the Mediterranean sea, the Maremma region is home to a wild and gree countryside that rolls towards the sea. Cities such as Talamone, Punta Ala, and Porto Ercole are just an example of the Medieval origins of this castle-towns. Concludidng, Tuscany has a special corner for anyone with the desire to discover this land rich with music festivals, traditions, history, art, and love for life enjoyment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: