Beijing – VIDEO – national security Wuhan graffiti on the Yangtze River Bridge lara fabian

Beijing – VIDEO – "the kingdom" of Wuhan Yangtze River bridge is covered with graffiti [comment] Wuhan Yangtze River bridge, is a new Chinese after the establishment of the Yangtze River, the first highway railway bridge is the first bridge on the Yangtze River, known as "the first Yangtze River bridge". 2013 was included in the national heritage conservation units in Wuhan, Yangtze River bridge, holidays will be graffiti. October 9th, the reporter saw in Yangtze River bridge, the bridge railing was almost full of graffiti, graffiti near the scenic area of Yellow Crane Tower is intensive, graffiti content is also varied. [] over the same period the tourists to protect the national cultural relics should everyone have the responsibility, with the social and national quality are improved, I think most people are good, some people. It is also a people. If a person’s quality to a certain extent, visitors should not do so. I think you don’t Scribble it, if you want to stay in memory words can take pictures ah. [comment] Yellow Crane Tower street, according to the relevant person in charge, for the area of similar problems such as psoriasis graffiti, street with 4 patrol officers every week to clean up, but the golden week tourists, Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River bridge attractions such as the large flow of people, led to a surge in the number of graffiti. Daily cleaning of the use of gray exterior wall coating, this coating can be maintained for a month strong, but easy to fade in case of water, rain days have to be repeated cleaning. Wuchang District Management Committee volunteers also appeal to you, civilized travel, refuse to graffiti, also the original scenic spot. It is understood that in 2013, Wuhan, Yangtze River bridge has become a national key cultural relics protection units. According to the "People’s Republic of China cultural relics protection law", scratching, defaced or damaged cultural relics is not serious, or damaging the cultural relics protection units marks, except by the public security organs or cultural relics unit to give a warning and may also impose a fine of 200 yuan below. Reporter Zheng Yan Zou Hao Hubei, Wuhan reported相关的主题文章: