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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews There are numerous brand of electronic cigarettes offered in the store nowadays but when talking about the best electronic cigarettes, V2 cigs is one of them. The V2 cigs brand of e-cigarette is the hottest latest product of today. It produces more vapor that is why it is well-like by most smokers. According to reviews, this brand offers just a little letdown as the .pany progress as time goes by. If you think that you would like to go for a V2 cigs electronic cigarette, knowing about the product is necessary since every one of us has its own preferences and you might not or might like the V2 cigs after reading this review. Reading this article will help you understand and know more about the V2 cigs. One of the best electronic cigarettes as of the moment is the V2 cigs. V2 cigs is offered in a discount code of "AndyG". Using this code allows you to get a 30% discount during Labor Day. The V2 cigs standard kit is sold at $74.95 which is indeed a fair value for electronic cigarettes. If you opt for a V2 starter kit, it is included with a selection of two black or white batters (one automatic or manual and it is in extra long, standard or short lengths), USB charger and charger together with a .bo cord, Users guidebook and wall adapter and selection of two 5 packs of nicotine strengths and flavored cartridges. V2 Cigs .es in variety of flavour cartridges. If you"re one of the frequent smokers, then you will surely love its menthol and Congress Tobacco taste. These flavors truly stimulate smoking. On the other hand, if you are one of those social smokers, you might like these eight following flavors: Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, Congress (alike to Parliament) and Cowboy Tobacco (alike to Malboro. Surprisingly, there are new flavors offered today and these are the Cola, Peppermint, Sahara and Chocolate! If you purchase the V2 cigs standard kit, you"ll get two selections of e-cigarette nicotine strengths and cartridges flavors (2 x 5 packs) Many smokers are satisfied with V2 cigs. This is really one of the best electronic cigarettes! If you"re not sure about paying a $74.95, there"s a $59.95 offer which is the Economy Kit. It arrives with the same things you"ve read earlier but it .es only with one battery. There is no problem with this kit especially if you"re one of those social smokers and you do not need the entire stuffs. This is a better price for you at which you"ll be able to go into the vapor smoking revolution at a markdown rate. Last of all, if you"re an active traveller, V2 cigs provide the Travellers" Kit. This .es with 15 cartridges, portable charging case and car charger. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: