Bicep Exercises For Beginners-queer as folk

Build-Muscle Well, friends, here you have it ? the third and final installment of my series of articles on exercises meant to work out your biceps. Since I get asked often about what the best way is to work these muscles, I created a few articles to give everyone some of the best and most .monly used bicep exercises. Without further delay, here are a few more to get you started on your bicep workout. Preacher Curls: This is great for the biceps and has the extra benefit of working the forearms! You’ll need a preacher bench for this, but if you don’t, remember this next time you are at the gym. Sitting on the preacher bench, rest your arms on the pad with your palms facing up. Let someone hand you a barbell. Now lower your arms until they are straight out. You should feel a great stretch (and burn!) in the bicep. Make sure to move only your forearms. Using the the bicep, curl the barbell up to shoulder height. Slowly lower to beginning position then repeat. Concentration Curls for Dumbbells: For beginners this might be a little tougher but it provides a great workout for the bicep by isolating the muscle. Sitting on the end of the bench with legs spread, grab a lighter dumbbell than usual. Because this exercise targets and isolates the bicep, you can use a lighter weight and it will give you the same results. Bend over and grab your barbell, bracing your elbow on one knee. Place your other hand on your leg to give you balance. Using your bicep and only moving your forearm, slowly curl the dumbbell to shoulder height and hold a moment. Again, slowly lower back to beginning position and repeat. Do this for both your arms, but only one at a time! That?s it for now. I hope these exercises have been beneficial to beginner and pros alike. Maybe I?ll see you at the gym! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: