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Sports-and-Recreation Big game hunting networks and big game hunting clubs, work together to give a hunter a chance to find the best possible location for hunting, and tips on the area for hunting. Tips like what type of game hunting is the best and when. Lodging, meals, and tour guides. Sites can give weather reports and up to date news about hunting in their location. Some of the hunting news been out has been the over population of black bear and brown bears in Russia. As the bears has be.e a nuisance to the conservation and to the people live in Russia. Bears are moving in to populated areas leaving havoc in small towns and cities. Due to global warming, climates are changing in seasons, bears being awaken by the warmer climate earlier each year to find no food, and heading to places, they have never been. This is causing the nuisance in Russia and around the world. As they call global warming where the earth is heating up, not only are the brown bears in Russia finding it hard to abstain life. In addition, the popular polar bears in Russia and United States are also awakening sooner from hibernation finding nothing to eat and some are finding no outlets back to the feeding areas left to starve. As the glaciers are starting to melt as faster rates this is causing polar bears stranded in location where they would hibernate, awaken to travel to open locations for feeding. With rivers and lakes higher to the melting of the glaciers, the bears are now nothing getting over the land back to the feeding areas. As our climate continues to warm will the polar bear survive and will the polar bear start moving south to areas where feeding is more abundant? If this happens, what happens to the people in isolated areas? Polar bears move in to their territory, now the concern arises. For the last few years a very few selective big game hunters from Alaska have been able to obtain a license from the United States government to harvest a few polar bears a year. This is to help keep the population down and to help with the movement of polar bears due to global warming. Russia is now considering in the upper most parts to allow only a selective few permits to big game hunter to harvest a few polar bears a year. Russia at this time is still undecided about the harvest. With big game hunting .works and with big game hunting clubs all over the world a hunter will be able to keep up with the news and outlook for hunting in locations around the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: