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They do a great brain hole, the BMW H5 100 thousand + 77 minutes reading is Ma Dong’s farewell Iqiyi found a group of young people will say together or suddenly swept through the Imperial Palace sparkling discourse, social media marketing is in playful; sleepy "contemporary Lin Whei-yin hall" were built on the mobile phone, B or up Mr.Lemonix to the main station what the single shear mixing kichiku…… Time has gone through a year, which "brain hole" so that you can still recall the wonderful idea? Creativity is not old, brain hole is still great. New year’s tiger sniffing the most respected brain hole innovation award has been launched. This year, we not only want you to see the brain hole candidate product of the final shape, but also want to visit the creative team to explore a brain hole products from the creative to achieve the whole process. A series of reports on "brain hole" product candidates will be published. Today recommended the brain hole is – BMW, the video has been BMW quickly deleted H5. 77 minutes to read the amount of breaking the one hundred thousand, which is the evening of April 13th this year, BMW, the news has been BMW quickly deleted H5 ads in WeChat circle of friends achievements. At that time, many people believe that the spread of the spread of H5 has passed, people have been tired of countless H5. Even four months later, now that "BMW H5 advertising" is still a lot of people nodded and said, "ah, I remember that". So, in the inventory of brain hole marketing late last year to early this year this time period is impressive, must not open around this case. Use is not new forms of communication, at the same time Kobe retired, "behind not a penny promotion expenses", this let a car out of the circle of friends, rushed to the scene of the different life idea is produced and how to achieve? The surgeon found tiger sniffing H5 team line network, and operations director Zhang Xiaolei and Executive Creative Director Li Wei made a hole around the brain quick: Kurt Li Wei – Frontier network executive creative director Zhang Xiaolei – director of network operations, the front 1 idea was originally produced in the scene, what time? We do the project for the year to BMW, (the case) before the first half of the month before the customer to find a meeting. At that time, customers want a very unexpected program, combined with the spread of this M2 model is relatively young, have a character, a strong sense of assertive. The concept of M2 is between the edge of blade. We want to live, or circle of friends through social media, with the feeling of what is? The initial proposal for example, let the car drift in the circle of friends such a preliminary idea. Then go back to the specific real concept, performance, how to play on the executive. It is likely that it will take two weeks for the client to begin with the idea of the proposal, and in many ways it may take longer, and the last week is constantly changing the details and polishing. 2, why from such a point of view? What are the different directions? At that time, we take into account this form of H5 every year on the WeChat platform of their own communication has been numerous, how can it jump out of sight? We want to make the most mundane form of something.相关的主题文章: