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UnCategorized Everything is progressing at the rate that it needs to for your ultimate wellbeing. But boy is it hard to wait for the miracles! Have you ever had those thoughts? Well you are not alone. Patience seem so be in short supply in the instant age where you can get instant messages from around the world, real time stock quotes and ATM cash almost everywhere. So what, where and why is there such a rush? If you do not believe me just get on a freeway and try to drive the speed limit. You may soon find cars whizzing by, people honking their horns and making obscene gestures. Sadly this frenzy has infected the internet super highway where milliseconds of wait seem like hours as the mountains of email and messages grows faster than you can scroll through them. The purpose of this article is to help you slow down and be grateful of the things that are truly worthwhile in your life. To see and feel the beauty and love that surrounds you all the time and not let the moments with your family that cannot be replaced escape forever. I was once told by a gentleman who was a US mail carrier who knew everyone on his route. That if you are going to .mit suicide why not just take the day off and go fishing! He went on to explain you have nothing to lose since you are already prepared to lose everything anyway and that is the key. Not losing perspective. Not letting the fast pace of life with its demands drive you into tunnel vision where the only thing that matters is getting to the next destination whether that be the end of an email list or the office parking lot. I once had a dear friend that was over.e by prostate cancer and passed away a few years ago. We worked in the hospital for about 15 years together. He would work 12 hour night shifts for 6 or 7 shifts in a row and once even worked 45 shifts in a row after having cancer treatment. He told me many times that he wanted to see his family have all the .forts and blessings of life. Five years before my friend passed away I had told him that he was no good to his family dead! When I later went to visit my friend during his last few days of life I found out a terrible secret. As I visited with his family and children and tried to .fort them but I was astonished to find that they were not overly grieved at the loss. His oldest son told me that he did not look at his father as his real dad since most of his life he had been gone working. He also told me that is uncle was the one he considered his real father since he was there to help .fort and guide him through most of his childhood. The sad truth was my dear friend had spent almost 20 years away from his family working 6 to 7 days a week and he knew me better than his own children. I must say that during the last 3 to 4 weeks of his life they got to know him better than the previous 20 years. Two days before my good friend passed away I took off work and went to his house which was 100 miles away from the hospital and the area and where I lived. I remember having to go beg my nurse manager to get off work that night but was told we were short of nurses and I could only go it I found a replacement. After I could not find anyone to take my shift I finally had to call in sick to go see my dying friend. After working all night I drove to my friends house up in the beautiful mountains of California. When I got to my friends house I found him mostly alone and looking very weak. We just sat on his couch all day and watched TV. Since it was extremely hard for him to talk since he was on oxygen we just .forted each other with silent smiles. We just enjoyed a whole day of peaceful beauty and loving smiles. That was the last time I saw my friend. If you get anything from this article I would hope it would help you to not lose out on the precious moments of life that will never be replaced and to enjoy all the love and happiness that surrounds you every day. Do not miss the miracles that happen each and every day. Practice being still, not moving, watching TV or talking for 20 minutes every day for as many days in a row as you can and you will behold some miracles. Be.e aware of all the good things in your life. Reflect on those you love and who love you. Enjoy a few minutes of peace and harmony. It will shower blessings upon you and all those around you. Your peaceful vibrations will not only help heal and sooth others but it will also be a subtle energy that will assist in the healing of your environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: