Chengdu, Chunxi Road, the only climbing panda prototype appeared in Wolong! (map) pork face

Chengdu, Chunxi Road, the only climbing panda prototype appeared in Wolong! (Figure) original title: report! Chunxi Road, the building of the panda "prototype" appeared in Wolong! Police rushed to the scene…… In November 1st 5 pm Sichuan Wolong nature reserve is river power station stop network in front of a black and white furry tuo…… "Isn’t that a panda," he said!" Staff through the monitoring to see this scene was shocked to call the police and ran to see as expected, this is really a roll! In the dam before the stop, this is "the panda show give dying kicks" ironic and distressed picture: it paws clung to the rail network, ass tried to stick up, from time to time and lower extremity spondylolisthesis, the following is the fast cold water. Wolong special zone Forest Public Security Bureau received a report, immediately notify the station staff and the protection of the Chinese Giant Panda Research Center set up a rescue team, rushed to the scene. On the evening of November 1st 10, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter contacted the command to save the cat, deputy director of the Wolong Special Administrative Region and Forest Public Security Bureau He Mingwu. He said that the first power plant staff found in the monitoring of the giant panda, after receiving the alarm, they immediately organized the police, the staff to protect the station and Panda Protection Research Center rushed to the scene. When the giant panda was found at the scene, as expected, there is a panda on the iron fence. By understanding that, it should be kept in the nature reserve of wild pandas, it wants to cross the river in the upper reaches of a place, but because the water too quickly, causing it to fail, "crossing the river" was the rapids of the river has been rushed to the station. "The iron fence there if the net, its claws can be clinging to, from the water up to the fence. Then saw the man, it fell into the river again. The station found a hook, panda pulling hook, back to the iron fence, the animal has the instinct of survival." He Mingwu description. Rescue personnel at the scene to see the pandas clinging to the fence was used to prevent debris blocking nets, but also the platform above the dam and drop 5 meters, people can not go to the rescue. After a while, the panda has been able to climb up the fence and walk back and forth over the fence. Finally, after consulting with the veterinarian, the rescue workers decided to use the method of anesthesia. After anesthesia, sent down by a rescue rope to tie the panda and wrap them up, to prevent it from slipping in the anesthesia state, if the slide into the water, then finally forced everyone was fraught with grim possibilities, put it onto the platform from below the dam platform, the entire rescue lasted more than 3 hours, completed more than 8 until the night. After the study center veterinary examination, which is about a 4 to 5 year old female giant panda, a strong body, no trauma. According to the "medical" veterinary advice into a forest. However, because of the role of anesthesia, it was rescued when it has not yet woken up, we have to wait until it woke up again. It is 9:30 in the evening, after anesthesia, under the arrangement of the staff, released in the nature reserve Gengda town nearby, it has seen a trot into the forest, we will leave. Although rolling has been successfully saved, but he fell on the fence quite happy!相关的主题文章: