Children into a residence tool China bounce in Germany was a refugee couple – Sohu news

Children into a residence tool? China bounce in Germany was a refugee couple – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] according to the German "Der Spiegel" magazine reported that 18 of illegal immigration and long-term residence in Germany China unmarried couples, recently to Chinese "family policy strictly, fear of discrimination" on the grounds, asked the German court to give them the child refugees ". On Thursday, the German state of Baden, the Executive Court, ruled that their fourth children had the right to obtain refugee status in germany. German media pointed out that China’s population policy on the grounds of the successful application of refugee status is the first time, which means that more than two children of Chinese parents are likely to apply for asylum in germany. Voice of Germany, said the parents of four children were born in germany. Mother’s Chinese passport has expired, father lived in Germany for about 12 years, there is no identity documents. Two people are through the organization of illegal immigrants to enter the German group. It is said that the parents and their first, second children in a tolerant state of residence, the third and the fourth children were given by the German judiciary to provide protection". However, both can not be compared with the refugee status, the latter has a work permit, and access to refugee subsidies. Therefore, the parents of the German federal immigration and Refugee Board to court, requiring the latter to give third children of refugee status fourth. The German lawyer responsible for acting in the case, the parents worry that they were born in third and fourth children in Chinese may become "two citizens", because of long time Chinese since the implementation of the one-child policy, to allow the generally open child not long ago. "Der Spiegel" magazine said that the parents to the German judge said that children cannot get a hukou in China, also can’t go to school, can not enjoy the social welfare of citizens in normal education and health care. In addition, they are worried about being repatriated to China, fined. "Every refugee asylum application is a case." German federal immigration and refugee agency spokesman told the German news agency said, in principle, if the child’s refugee status has been established, and their parents have the right to access to the protection of family refugees. But the premise is that parents have set up a family at home. At present, the situation of the Chinese partner does not meet this requirement. A spokesman for the Administrative Court pointed out that this judgment is likely to become a model in the context of the whole of germany. Although the outcome of the case was initially found only in the Baden state, but in practice, other federal states in Germany in the face of similar cases will also refer to the results of the trial. Germany’s federal immigration and refugee administration data show that only the first 7 months of this year, there are 382 Chinese people to submit asylum applications. In 2015, a total of 553 Chinese refugees to submit applications. The case in the German Chinese circle also caused great repercussions. 18, 2009, in the German hotline Chinese forum for the discussion of the event has reached page 7. Some Chinese pointed out that the child is only a tool for his parents to obtain the right of abode in germany. Some people think that the couple’s practice, the first impact on the future of their children, second affect national reputation.相关的主题文章: