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Children love to lie, mandatory correction worse – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources | picture | family education | tasting parent-child manual child’s ideas are generally self-centered, sometimes in order to achieve their purpose is not Gu and the facts, they will think that as long as the adults do not know you can live in peace. Children’s "lying" is not related to the moral standards of our adult heart, it is the only way for the development of children’s psychology. On the one hand, the child’s limited memory ability, sometimes the wrong interpretation of something, and sometimes because they want to get the attention of adults deliberately fabricated facts. On the other hand, the child’s ideas are generally self-centered, sometimes in order to achieve their purpose is not take into account the fact that they will think that as long as the adults do not know can live in peace. For example, they put their own cup of water to break, will tell the mother is the home of the little cat broke, in order to protect themselves. They can’t tell the difference between truth and lies. They don’t know the importance of telling the truth. 1 adults in the eyes of honesty and facts, the child may not be able to really understand. Parents in the face of the child’s own language, nor can it be characterized as a lie, if all the people in the world have to tell the truth, then all the world’s fairy tale is not lying? 2 when the child’s complaint and the facts do not match, the parents can not arbitrarily conclude that the child lies, to stand on his point of view, he said, is there a good reason? For example, he said he is not big, wish you better, is a super hero? Is it better than the other children feel the teacher praised it? 3 parents found the child lies and fabricated in order to avoid responsibility, do not rush to expose him, but don’t blame him, give him a little time to think, let him help clean up the mess, he will all focus on the event itself, rather than adults above emotions. 4 of the family to create a warm environment, let the children feel even got into trouble, tell the truth, it will not bring what bad things to him, when the children feel the truth is not what is not good, he will instinctively do a happy honest child. On the contrary, if he feels that there is no good in telling the truth, then he is not willing to tell the truth. 5 parents and children to discuss the facts, it is necessary skills. Remember, the tone of the parents, the tone will have an impact on the child’s conversation. The child will say what you want to hear, because it is more realistic for him to get rid of you than to tell the truth. 6 if the parents found that the child is really lying, then in the judgment of the child has a moral problem, is not the good self-examination? Is not in the usual education too harsh? Is it necessary for children to lie? 7 when children admit the truth, no matter how serious his mistake is, don’t draw it相关的主题文章: