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China entered the era of Pan entertainment sports? Please let the red sports network! Fashion — a butterfly can cause a huge tornado? Americans Lorenz say that more than and 40 years ago, the creation of the meteorological experts atmospheric convection mathematical model with the "Butterfly Effect" image that a butterfly in Brazil tropical jungle flapping its wings a few weeks later will be in the United States in Texas caused a huge tornado. Zhang Jike, the Tibetan mastiff girl Fu Yuanhui, national husband Ning Zetao and other athletes is a butterfly. They emit an unprecedented appeal, is moving from the Internet, quietly changing the people’s aesthetic pattern and values. So we see the losers in the ordinary sense, is leading the trend of sports. Fu Yuanhui walking expression package, Ning Zetao wearing the towel after the flying fish like handsome running in the network, attracted millions of points and follow. China sports are stepping into the entertainment era of the hitherto unknown. The most prominent feature of this era is not to merit the hero, advocating personalized entertainment consumption. But whether it is entertainment or entertainment should pay attention to a degree, play a good role of their own, it will not be short-lived. "Not to the success or failure of the hero" lead to the participation of the National People’s participation in competitive sports, Einstein, British playwright Bernard Shaw in the evaluation of the emotion: "an era because of the emergence of a wonderful person." Such a person should be able to lead a phenomenon, or in a tendency to become the representative of the people. 2016 is the wonderful sports phenomenon. In this world, like a kaleidoscope of strange light in the world, in a year because of too much personal and let us concentrate as a phenomenon, they are a prominent, or the representative phenomenon in pondering. Sports star Wanghong has developed into a phenomenon. Fu Yuanhui "the power" to make people laugh, like quotations from Ning Zetao with a piece of gold at the world swimming championships in Kazan immediately became a national husband has let everyone know the essence of consumerism. Under the guidance of consumerism, only entertainment can dispel the cruelty of sports, so that the general public can find a sense of participation. Because in this mobile Internet era, people’s sense of participation is very important. Mobile Internet era spawned from the media, which is a major feature of hot speculation. Focus on the degree of slack caused the audience fragmentation of reading, so that only Bianzhuohuayang fry, to get some attention. Sports itself is difficult to attract the attention of the Chinese people, sports entertainment is the only choice. During the Olympic Games was dubbed "do not understand the fat ball" and the fire of the Chinese table tennis team coach Liu Guoliang believes that the public may be like a sports star and attention to a sport. This will help promote the development of China’s sports and national fitness, thereby stimulating sports consumption. For athletes, teams and projects, can play the role of publicity and promotion. Athletes in the promotion of commercial value at the same time, but also highlights their social values. This shows that the public has changed the aesthetic of competitive sports, we have no longer simply on the results of the hero, but more attention to the spirit of things. Competitive sports should not be reduced to a pan相关的主题文章: