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Cook, a five – year term outlook which is expected to become the foundation of their field of apple? Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, yesterday was Tim – (Tim Cook) as Apple CEO 5 anniversary. August 24, 2011, Apple’s former chief executive officer Steve – () announced his resignation, and recommended to the board of directors to succeed him as chief executive officer of the board of directors (SteveJobs). Since Cook, the successor of CEO, according to the adjusted price of apple stock has more than doubled, the company is also under the leadership of Cook Mobil successfully surpassed Exxon became the nation’s first listed companies worth. However, many analysts believe that in order to determine the exact positioning of Cook in the history of science and technology industry can not only see what happened after the departure of Jobs, but what should be done in the next five years, what should be in the next years. In this regard, the famous American financial media CNBC days ago wrote five in the future is expected to become the foundation of life science and technology segments of apple: 1 car though Cook never publicly disclosed any apple Automotive News, but the so-called "Titans" (Project Titan) in the technology industry already is an open secret. Last month, the "Wall Street journal" reported that Apple cars ushered in the new project director Bob – Mansfield (BobMansfield), and he reports directly to CEO Cook. In addition, Apple also in May this year, a large amount of money to invest $1 billion drops, the industry generally speculated that apple is hoping to recruit more suitable for the automotive industry experts through the move. "If Apple can launch a reasonably priced electric vehicle, and also can emulate the functions of Tesla and comfort, this product will probably have a lot of potential. The size of the global auto market is still huge, and many models are expensive." Allianz Technology Trust (Allianz Technology Trust) senior manager Walter Preiss (WalterPrice) said. 2 health in the past two years, health has been one of the core areas of Apple’s attention. In 2014, the company launched a health application and a developer platform called HealthKit. Apple hopes developers will be able to develop health applications through this platform, and these applications and Apple’s official application integration. Most importantly, apple can collect key health data such as heart rate and other users, and to create a basic health database for users. It is said that there are already several hospitals began to make a decision on the user health data collected by Apple devices. Cook had bluntly stated that the health market has great potential, the company is no doubt that Apple Watch can become an important product in this field. Analysts pointed out that, taking into account the strong control ability of many advanced sensors, iPhone watches are equipped with apple in the global scope of the huge user base and apple on its own hardware and software, apple in this area obviously has a very obvious!相关的主题文章: