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Cui Yutao tells you: what makes more and more children allergic! November 3, 2016 – Sohu maternal, Beijing Publishing Group for Parents Parenting media, to join the super popular education in pediatric clinic pediatrician Cui Yutao, held a book launch, announced the joint launch — "Cui Yutao on natural parenting" series of books third volumes: "Cui Yutao on natural rearing have to open around food allergies.". It is reported that the conference is based on today’s headlines 580 million user browsing habits, carries on the investigation to the topic allergic parents concerned about from the perspective of big data, and invited the famous pediatrician Cui Yutao on data interpretation. Kangaroo hemp as a quality author was invited to participate in today’s headlines, and listen to the doctor Cui Yutao analysis of the real root of children allergic to food. Following with the kangaroo Ma together to understand: what makes more and more children allergic. Baby allergies are not immune to a lot of parents mistakenly believe that the child is not immune to allergies. In fact, allergies are a strong performance of the child’s immunity, to be exact, is the performance of abnormal immune enhancement. Why do you say that? It’s about the development of the immune system. All of our antibodies are produced by the body’s B cells, B cells are stimulated by a variety of foreign objects, will produce different antibodies (immunoglobulins), respectively, immunoglobulin A, G, M, E. Among them, IgG, IgA, IgM is anti infection, and IgE is allergic to. If the bacteria stimulate B cells, B cells will produce IgG, IgA, IgM, these immunoglobulins can identify the bacteria, and to kill it, which is what we call immunity. If the allergen stimulation of B cells, B cells produce IgE, and adhesion in the body of the mast cells, when exposed to the allergen again, will once again produce IgE stimulation of mast cells, eventually causing it to break down, the release of histamine, the human body will appear allergic reaction. Visible, whether it is anti infection or allergic, in fact, is a combination of antigen and antibody reaction. Because the immune system is to continue to move forward, not to take anti infection this way, that is allergic to the road to go, but the stimulus is different, it is different from the way to go. When the bacteria, the immune system will spend more energy to deal with it is to go the road of anti infection and allergen; for a long time, the immune system will have to walk the road of allergic; when the immune system does not or rarely subject to bacterial stimulation, it will put all the energy to deal with allergens that power, excessive force, appeared abnormal immunity enhanced performance. Lead to the baby’s real killer 1, and the baby’s physiological characteristics of the food in the body after being eaten, in the role of chewing and digestive enzymes, food particles from large to small. Under normal circumstances, small particles will be absorbed to provide nutrients for the human body, and large particles were treated as waste excreted. However, if there is a gap between the intestinal wall cells, some large food particles will also penetrate the intestinal wall, directly absorbed by the blood, which will stimulate the body ~!相关的主题文章: