Dalian 9 categories of places free of charge WiFi ca1805

Dalian 9 places free WiFi large super free wireless Internet is not a new thing, the city is promoting the "i-Dalian" free WiFi project will free from the district network extended to other eight scene, forming a whole scene of Metro WiFi network. Yesterday, the City Commission by letter of information technology to promote the relevant responsible person and i-Dalian free WiFi project construction unit guest government portal, introduced i-Dalian free WiFi coverage of the project. Which places can "i-Dalian" free internet access? According to reports, the "i-Dalian" free WiFi is led by the Dalian municipal government, City Commission by letter to lead and coordinate various commissions Bureau jointly set up the whole scene, the WiFi metropolitan area network, guochuang Christie Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "country of Christie") construction. I-Dalian consists of three parts: i-Dalian network platform, users can enjoy safe, high-speed WiFi. And will build love Dalian, APP, you can click on the Internet, for the livelihood of the people, the life of the recommendation, preferred mall, etc.. Big data analysis platform, the analysis of large data for government decision-making, the real economy to provide data support operations. It is reported that the current "i-Dalian" free WiFi will cover 9 categories: hot key scene area of the city’s administrative organs, key values, medical institutions, educational institutions, focus on public transportation, sports stadiums, exhibition centers, tourist attractions and the main street, Dalian will cover all public places, so that Dalian residents and tourists to enjoy safety, convenience, high speed WiFi network. Currently the city’s small businesses are beginning to lay i-Dalian free WiFi. How to connect "i-Dalian" free WiFi? Guests said that there are three ways to connect the WiFi: first, through the WeChat Certified Internet access; the two is through the phone number and verification code to verify the Internet; the three is to download the APP internet. The WiFi wireless metropolitan area will achieve the same entrance, user connection "i-Dalian" free WiFi, after the first certification, as long as the "i-Dalian" network coverage in the region, can be directly connected with the user, without the need for the two certification. To the public and tourists to bring a certification, the whole network access, a good user experience. And other WiFi advantage in where? In addition to wide coverage, high safety and convenient connection, the guests said that the project used by enterprise equipment, HUAWEI China three brands, support 2.4G and 5G dual band, single access AP theory capacity can reach 200 terminals, most of the existing equipment performance far exceeding. I-Dalian free WiFi in shopping malls, hospitals and other large venues, are Gigabit fiber access, can be based on the actual needs of the hot bandwidth, can be used in accordance with the needs of each scene, at any time to raise bandwidth. To ensure that users fast Internet access, watching videos, playing games is smooth, no Caton, can let the.相关的主题文章: