Does Bankruptcy Put An End To Your Financial Problems-christie stevens

Bankruptcy For most individuals who have filed for bankruptcy and .pleted the legal process, the financial challenges and nightmare of collection calls and letters have reached an end. A clean slate and new start await, and with the financial tools learned through the bankruptcy process an individual is able to begin building a new life free from the crushing burden of substantial debt. Or are they? Unfortunately a new and "fresh" beginning is sometimes cut short for some who have .pleted the bankruptcy process. Even though the debts have been discharged by the courts, some find themselves haunted by debts that were, in effect, terminated, yet somehow continue to live on as an apparition of debt once thought departed. Does bankruptcy put an end to your financial problems? For some the answer is a cold and cruel "no." Creditors who held a debt against you before your bankruptcy can sell that debt to a debt buyer, who then can call, send letters, and try to make you pay the entirety of the debt which was legally discharged. Is what they do legal? Well, no. Can they do it anyway? Yes, and for a very bad reason: because they can. The mortgage crisis was responsible for countless bankruptcies throughout the nation, and the banks learned a valuable lesson from their illegal foreclosure methodologies. They found that they could perform the same illegal actions with little intervention from the government against credit card debt and cardholders drowning in financial quicksand. Once a debt has been discharged by the courts through a bankruptcy procedure the debt is gone… period. If a creditor such as a bank, credit card .pany, or some other form of debt holder has sold your account to a debt buyer, the "fun and games" can begin anew. Once again, you may find yourself in the crosshairs of an attorney or collection agency that will stop at nothing to get the money they "justifiably" feel you owe. The selling and buying of debt is one of the greatest scourges inflicted upon innocent people who don’t deserve the harassment or continued credit havoc that should have been satisfied by a successful bankruptcy. Much of the financial information bought and sold is flawed and contains grievous inconsistencies when .pared to the original documentation. Shortcuts are taken when processing the information, copious amounts of "robo-signing" are .mitted, and this unscrupulous practice of collecting debt that is no longer legally owed. This is performed by outside firms and agencies that may not know (or care) the debt has been discharged through a bankruptcy. The only documentation they have is what has been provided to them by the original creditor, and they tend to believe it to the letter. What makes this matter worse is that people who have had a debt discharged will succumb to the tactics of a debt buyer and make arrangements to pay off the debt just to make it all go away. If you receive a letter or a call and find yourself a victim of this fraudulent behavior, contact your bankruptcy attorney immediately. Don’t try to fight these debt buying collection attorneys or agencies on your own. A court has discharged this debt and you no longer owe it, but they will never take your word for it, and you could find yourself being sued as they attempt to recover the debt. Your bankruptcy attorney has all of your information and the legal documents pertaining to your case. Let them confront the debt buyer and .municate to them, in terms they will understand, that the debt has been discharged and what the debt buyer is doing is illegal and will not be tolerated. You’ve earned your second chance at creating a stronger financial future. Don’t let someone who knows nothing about you take your new beginning away from you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: