Dong Mingzhu I am most opposed to the government subsidies to enterprises should pay more taxes for 4000dy

Dong Mingzhu: give me my most against the government subsidies to enterprises should think more taxes for the state Dong Mingzhu: I oppose the government subsidies to enterprises should give me more thinking for the national tax Chinese youth network August 25 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Le) "I most to me against the government subsidies, subsidies you gave me I still want to spend money, not money, unless in finance." The dialogue at the eleventh pan PRD regional cooperation and development forum, GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu stunned, overbearing. In the theme of the dialogue session of the forum, the 5 guests were keynote speech. GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu around the innovation and healthy development of the industry carried out in-depth analysis, from time to time to win the applause of the participants. Theme dialog. China Youth Network reporter Zhang Le photo if the production is high quality products, how to excess capacity? How healthy development of manufacturing? "To create, to achieve the future," Dong Mingzhu said in a very high voice. She suggested that in the new situation, from manufacturing to create a change in the process of what the enterprise should do, is the need to seriously consider the issue. Speaking from speed to quality change, Dong Mingzhu of overcapacity gives a new interpretation, "if we are to produce high quality products, where overcapacity, precisely because we produced a large number of low quality stuff, so will the production of excess energy". Therefore, she stressed the need to have the core technology, do not rely on others, in the end, an enterprise can stand up, there must be a leading technology, it can not be transferred from the big to strong." We want to overtake the line in Dong Mingzhu seems, as a good business, we must put innovation in the development of. She further explained that the standard of innovation, innovation is not to the national standards and international standards as the enterprise, industry standards and thresholds, "wrong! Your real standard is the consumer after the feeling, she advocated a good product should be to meet the needs of consumers, so she stressed that the strategic standards determine the survival of enterprises. For the current popular corner overtaking, she bluntly pointed out that this is speculation, "I could speak a little too heavy, but as manufacturing industry is concerned, we should have the courage to say ‘we want straight overtaking", she said, "if it is to turn overtaking, others will still more than you have to think you really have much technical patents. "Enterprises in this process must become a leading enterprise, leading enterprise is not dependent, varying by creative road to go," she very Yusu, once again raised the tone. Dong Mingzhu believes that the government should conduct a thorough investigation into the enterprise, "which the ability of independent innovation, the company which created numerous others without technology, you should support him boldly," she continued. "The government thinks the enterprise relaxed, less tax, but the enterprise should think how to create profits, for the country to pay taxes. We pay taxes is that we have the ability, can not pay taxes is not the strength of the enterprise". She to GREE air conditioning, for example, said GREE invest in research every year相关的主题文章: