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Vocational-Trade-Schools Well to put it simply, phlebotomists are the trained professionals who take blood and body fluid samples when you go to the hospital or to a blood bank to donate blood. If a phlebotomist is working in a hospital, then chances are theyre working in close quarters to other health professionals such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, and more. The phlebotomy specialist will have to take blood samples from anyone who is referred to them by a doctor. After the blood is collected and stored safely and properly, it will be sent to a lab where it is then analyzed and tested for different kinds of information and data that can only be found in blood samples, hence the importance of a phlebotomists job. If youre trying to figure out what kind of professionals a phlebotomist is equivalent to then you could look at any number of health care assistants whos duty it is to assist the primary care provider in their work place. For example, CNAs, dentists assistants, pharmacy assistants all have job descriptions which are .parable to that of a phlebotomy technician. Phlebotomy technicians have very specific job duties and they do not venture too far outside of them. For instance, you might think that because a phlebotomist draws blood for analysis or transfusion purposes, that they would probably be the same people administering shots and treatment injections, but in fact, they do not do anything of the sort; phlebotomists are limited to very specialized jobs which is why it does not take a whole lot of time to .plete phlebotomy training programs. Because of the obvious disease spreading risks associated with drawing, and working with blood samples, phlebotomists must follow very tightly monitored and controlled protocol in order to keep not only patients out of harms way, but also to prevent themselves from be.ing infected with any sort of blood-borne diseases that they may .e in close contact with. When students of a phlebotomy certification program finish their classes and receive their official certification, they are then equipped with the necessary knowledge required to keep diseases from spreading. This includes but is not limited to the proper handling and use of venipuncture tools and any other equipment that is typically used in the blood drawing environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: