Eason Chan fans ran to his concert in Changsha you don’t miss it (video) pppd-175

Eason Chan fans ran to his concert in Changsha you don’t miss it following the lucky fans Chen Xian (ifast) (fast) students in Madonna’s concert tour recently on a war fame, another netizen exposure fans, Mr. Chen had secretly buy the tickets for the Jay Chou concert after dynamic star. Video display: Jay Chou with the fans soulful singing "happiness" this song, Mr. Chen "unfortunate" were captured. His figure… So Jielun looked at, immediately singing Eason Chan’s song, the atmosphere is really powerful high to overflowing, my Jielun small lift… Simply don’t you video wit… This Xiaobian feel rather Jay Chou wit, as he has. After all, the more than 10 album of him, all the songs are all of their own creation, the concert between songs play a medley of what, for him, really do not have what good afraid! A lot of people in the youth, have a song "Jay Chou". Then we put Jay Chou each song lyrics, copy carefully in your beautiful notebook. As a "shuangjiegun", we began the nunchaku. The passage of time, though we have already begun to tfboys, the left hand, right hand, a slow motion. However, he will still be in time to download songs to listen to, in his beloved fiancee married when write in comments, he came to my city and when he and his singing together. After two years, November 19, 2016, "Jay Chou" the strongest ground world tour concert to Changsha Railway Station. Love Jay Chou you should have to grab tickets ~ ~ ~ but, Xiao Bian took a look at the ticketing website seems to be hard to get a vote, Jay Chou fans faint cry in the toilet…. of course, whether you have to grab Jay Chou concert tickets, we should first prepare a concert, which is Warm-UP Party. November 12th Liuyang river garden wedding culture [super hi Warm-UP Party There was no parallel in history. preview concert] you have no reason to miss! You can touch the heart, those beautiful, sad and grateful emotions, piercing together sing sing sing! Sing those belong to those years full of memories, sing those a humming can even excited tears tracks, no show singer who is, as long as we make these songs together and sing loudly, as if we had been in the sweet 17…… To the welfare prizes: 60 Warm-UP Party preview concert tickets; number: 30 people, 2 people did not get tickets; parents don’t worry Oh ~ ~ this week to the Liuyang River and the consumer Wedding Garden stores could grab tickets to Warm-UP Party. The welfare in November 12th, yuho day activities at the scene of the booth can receive a discount code and free cocktail charm of the night a bottle, you can also participate in the excellent step interactive sweepstakes, have a chance to get a Jay Chou concert ticket; access to 1, sweep the QR code below, add small friends, send the name + phone + impression the topic # your youth is the deepest one song # to us, we will be based on randomly selected welfare Ping message

歌迷陈奕迅跑去听他的演唱会 在长沙的你千万别错过啦继幸运粉丝陈先(奕)生(迅)在麦当娜的巡回演唱会上一战成名后,近期,又有网友曝光了歌迷陈先生曾偷偷买票看周杰伦的演唱会的追星动态。视频中显示:周杰伦在跟台下的粉丝深情演唱《说好的幸福呢》这首歌时,陈先生“不幸”的被摄像机捕捉到了他的身影…. 于是,杰伦见状,立马演唱陈奕迅的歌,现场的气氛high到爆棚,真是厉害了我的杰伦小公举…简直不要太机智…▼视频在此小编觉得,与其说周杰伦机智,不如说他有才。毕竟出了10多张专辑的他,所有歌曲全都是自己创作,演唱会这种歌曲之间玩个串烧什么的,对于他来说,真的没有什么好怕的! 在很多人的青春里,都有一首「周杰伦」。那时的我们,把周杰伦的每一首歌的歌词,认真抄写在新买的漂亮笔记本上。 因为一首《双截棍》,大家开始双节棍。 时过境迁,虽然我们早已开始了tfboys,左手、右手、一个慢动作。不过,依旧会在他出新歌时候下载来听,在他迎娶心爱的未婚妻时写下祝福的评论,在他来到我的城市时 和他与他的歌声里相聚。暌违两年,2016年11月19日,周杰伦「地表最强」世界巡回演唱会长沙站即将开唱。喜欢周杰伦的你应该早已抢到票了吧~~~不过,小编看了下售票网站,貌似是一票难求,周杰伦的粉丝哭晕在厕所…. 当然,不管你有没有抢到周杰伦的演唱会门票,我们都应该先来一场预习演唱会,也就是Warm-UP Party。11月12日浏阳河婚庆文化园【史无前例的超嗨 Warm-UP Party 预习演唱会】你再没有理由缺席!让你能触动心底的,那些美好的、伤感的、感激的情绪,撕心裂肺的大家一起唱唱唱!唱那些属于那些年的满满的回忆,唱那些一哼起来就能激动甚至落泪的曲目,无所谓表演歌手是谁,只要是这些歌让我们大声地一起唱着,就好像我们一直在花季的17岁……福利来哒奖品:60张Warm-UP Party预习演唱会门票;名额:30人,2张 人;没有领到票的亲们也不要着急哦~~本周去浏阳河婚庆园各消费门店还有可能抢到到Warm-UP Party入场券。现场福利11月12日,活动当天可在现场的优步展位领取优惠码以及免费魅夜鸡尾酒一瓶,还可以参与优步互动抽奖,既有机会获得周杰伦演唱会门票一张;获取方式1、扫下方二维码,添加小编为好友,发送姓名+电话+话题#你青春中印象最深的一首歌#给我们,我们将根据留言随机抽取福利给大家哦。 活动主题:史无前例的超嗨Warm-UP Party预习演唱会活动时间:2016年11月12日 晚上19:30活动地点:浏阳河婚庆文化园草坪相关的主题文章: