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UnCategorized British Gas has recently announced new tariff plans and packages, both for new and existing customers. Some of the tariff options have raised interest due to their eco-friendly undertones. Customers who have ‘go green’ inclinations can benefit now from the options offered by British Gas. The environmentally friendly plans and tariffs are the Future Energy and the Zero Carbon tariffs. To briefly run through both, let’s have a look at their characteristics and what they provide: Future Energy This tariff can be .bined with all electricity plans. It costs 2 G.B.P’s and it .es with several advantages, as British Gas supplies renewable power to the grid. Some of the advantages for the environment are: – The amount of power used is managed by the .pany and is extracted by renewable sources of energy that do not weigh on the environment. – The amount of energy used is supplied to the national grid by the .pany. The grid distributes the amount of energy needed to houses, allowing the .pletion of a full circle regarding the renewing of energy. – The 2 G.B.P’s fee goes to the non-profit organisation founded by British Gas. The organisation is dedicated to the development of renewable energy sources and supporting technologies that will ensure the use of these sources in the future. British Gas has implemented this technology abiding by the national law that indicates that all .panies should provide energy .ing from renewable sources up to 7.9%. This means that already customers of all .panies pay an additional fee (whose cost depends on the .pany) in order to help the .panies deal with meeting the requirements. This tariff is available to all customers who sign a 12 month contract. There is no cancellation fee, though, if someone decides to leave or change the plan at any time. It is an ideal tariff for those who want to contribute a little to the environmental care cause. Investing in renewable sources of energy and power for homes is anyway a great way to show that you care not only for yourself, but also for the .ing generations. Customers who are on a standard tariff and do not want to add this 2 G.B.P’s, can always opt for the Websaver 3 tariff that offers paperless bills. The Zero Carbon Tariff The Zero Carbon Tariff is the second alternative for those who wish to invest a small amount on eco-friendly solutions. It is a plan that can also be .bined with all dual fuel plans. Its difference is that there is no carbon left from the gas and electricity supplied to a customer’s home. It costs 7 G.B.P’s a month and its main advantage is that both gas and electricity supplies are used in such way as to reduce the carbon footprint to zero. The charged fee also goes to non-profit .anisations that .anise classes for children, in order to educate them on new sources of energy and encourage a more eco-friendly way of thinking. This is a unique tariff; one of the best options for those who wish to contribute to zero carbon footprint. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: