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Investing Penny shares are low value shares which only have rough appeal. Most brokers set a maximum limit a share must not exceed to be considered penny shares. They are exciting prospects because they bring explosive proportion. One of the most thrilling ways to invest your money is through penny shares. Preparing one’s selves to lose money is needed in investing on it. That is why most brokers do not invest 20% or more of the entire share collection in these rough shares. Never invest yet in penny share if you do not have assets or unemployed. Do this only if you already have made enough provision term for your retirement. The best place to be listed for penny shares in UK is on the Alternative Investment Market or AIM. It opened to provide smaller and new .panies their pass to the public markets. It helps them also in increasing their credibility and making it qualified for several tax benefits. So .panies on the other hand are listed on the Main Market of LSE or London Stock Exchange. It is also referred as the UK stock market by other people. Alternative Investment Market is different from main market. In the main market, the .pany needs a minimum market capitalisation and must have at least 25% of its public domain share as well. Only .panies with 3 years trading history will only be acknowledged by the London Stock Exchange. Most of the recovery shares are also found in the main market while the Alternative Investment Market does not have strong conditions and is regulated lightly. In the main market, under it are several individual groups of special sectors. Examples are group of .panies which specializes on cutting edge technologies, group that covers the entire shares in the market which can be used to track the performance of the market, and group that covers the top one hundred .panies. Another market where penny shares can be traded is the OFEX or the Off Exchange. Small and medium enterprises including many .panies outside UK worldwide are the focus of this independent market. It is unregulated market that is why .panies on it are not listed. Some finds it as a way to be listed on the Main Market or AIM. Penny shares normally have just a slim market that is why the risks and rewards happen partially. It can fall rapidly than the larger stocks. In fact, its price may not bear any relation to the original value of the stock. On the good news, a stock price of 10p may increase 50 percent not like with the larger stocks. Instability may increase if predators show interest in buying the .pany. All holders of small share may receive an extensive profit when that happened. There may be contested bids to takeover at a higher value than the current price of the share. The price will fall rapidly if there is no merger during the takeover. Investing in penny shares is a basic financial nature. It is all about looking for the potential share and .pany. About the Author: Each month in STAT, our charts and .mentary reflect on the previous month. For example, a December STAT issue will have Novembers numbers. This month our .mentary will focus on year 2015 in review. 相关的主题文章: