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Golf Because the City of New York predates the existence of golf in North America, it was not planned with golf and golfers in mind. Unlike Los Angeles, which has over 144 of them in its metro area, there are only 19 new york golf courses and driving ranges within the five boroughs, 18 of which are publicly owned. The good news is that rates on tee times and greens fees are very .petitive at these public new york golf courses, and are significantly lower than the exclusive and pricey private country clubs and are more accessible to boot. City regulations require that residents of NYC have a Resident Permit, which is $6 per year for adults under the age of 62, and $2 for seniors and juniors under age 16. In addition, seniors and juniors can play for discounted rates at public new york golf courses. One of the great things about public new york golf courses is that fact that greens fees do not vary a great deal. To be sure, prime tee times .mand higher rates, but you wont be paying a dramatic premium for playing on the weekends. For example, playing an early nine holes on a Saturday or Sunday morning will cost you only $1.25 more than on a weekday morning. A full 18 holes on the weekend is $41; the prices drop to $33.25 for weekday mornings and $28.75 in the afternoon. Seniors can play a full 18 holes during the week for only $16.75, and juniors for only $7.50. Another great thing about public new york golf courses is that these fees are the same whether youre playing in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island. The exception is the Moshulu Driving Range in the Bronx; fees at this facility are slightly higher at some times of the week and slightly lower at others. In addition, Moshulu offers an excellent package deal for seniors that includes a cart and greens fees for two at one low price. Visitors to New York City should be aware that the public new york golf courses are supported in part by the taxpayers of the city; therefore, those who are not NYC residents should expect to pay an additional fee on top of the required permit. Public new york golf courses no.heless represent a tremendous bargain for golf lovers. They are easily accessible by automobile; most are served by NYCs excellent public transit system as well. For those with youngsters, the City Parks Golf program offers free group golf lessons to children under 16 on public new york golf courses. Parents who are interested should contact the New York City Parks Foundation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: